Monday, March 2, 2015

hello peeps

Hi everyone!!

It was a great week! It started off right when we went to the temple on tuesday!! We had to leave at 6am since we are so far north, to make it to the 9:30 session but it was so worth it! So I have been extremely stressed out lately, and when we got to the temple I had a pounding headache, almost a migrane but not quite... anyways I was sitting before we went into the Celestial room and I said a prayer that I would be able to sit in peace without this headache while in the Celestial room so I could think clearly and actually relax for a couple of minutes and almost instantly my headache was gone. It sounds like a lame story now that I wrote it out haha but seriously it was one of the biggest tender mercies! I was so grateful to be able to sit in the temple and really reflect on the things that I am doing and the things that I need to improve. There really is no other place like the temple.

When we got home from the temple we had an awesome lesson with Jaime at the Whites house. The Whites have two young men and then we had another one of the young men pick up Jaime. It was such a great lesson. We taught the plan of salvation, or should I say the young men taught it! Seriously I am so impressed by the youth here, they are so excited about missionary work and being able to share their testimonies with those we are teaching! Jaime is progressing quickly and the young men gave him a preach my gospel and duty to God which he has been reading! I know right?? The only thing that is really holding him back right now is his fear of Hell.......... 

On wednesday we had a great pass off lesson with some of the elders in our district. Some of their investigators that are getting baptized on the 21st wanted to share the gospel with their cousins but they live in our area so we went over for an awesome mexican dinner and Jose Juan (the investigators cousin) and his family were there too! Jose Juan and his wife are so great. He found out in July that he had leukemia and is in the recovery process right now but is doing great! Through everything though he has gained so much faith and desire to follow Jesus Christ. We had another lesson with them on saturday and he pretty much taught us about the book of mormon and the gold plates it was so cool. They are the cutest family!! 

On Friday we had an awesome lesson with a kid named Junior. He was a referral from a member and we assumed he was hispanic hahaha turns out he is a curly haired ginger. Anyways we met him at the church and we had a couple of youth with us, we had a sweet church tour and then taught him the restoration. When we invited him to be baptized he didn't even hesitate to say yes. He is so ready for the gospel! We are super excited for the english sisters to be able to teach him because they have been really struggling to find investigators. 
We had an awesome miracle on saturday night... we were in orondo teaching Reyna and Max and their family and we had the Zamoras (the most adorable family from the ward) with us. The whole time I could see that Max was fighting with the spirit, we had a good lesson and we decided to do something a little different at the end of our lesson. We asked if we could all kneel and each one of us offer a prayer asking if all of the things that we have been teaching are true. Max, Reyna, their 4 kids, hermano and hermana Zamora, and hermana pulido and I each prayed. IT WAS INCREDIBLE. the spirit was so strong and you could see that there was a change in the atmosphere. We were all the way in orondo and it was like 8:45 so we had to leave but as we got to the car, Max came outside and handed us some money and asked if we could give it to the church for his tithing because he had to work the next day!!! We were seriously in shock!!! 

Then Reyna and the girls ended up coming to church yesterday :) :) they are so cute and I love them so much. Seriously it may be creepy how much I love our investigators hahaha 

The work is picking up here and I am so blessed to be serving here! Things are pretty stressful with my companion, literally as I write this she is having another meltdown. I don't know how to help her see that she is a good missionary. She doesn't really take anything I say to heart so I am kind of at a loss. I definitely wouldn't be against prayers coming this way haha anyways I LOVE YOU ALL. Thank you for your love and support, I will never be able to express how much you all mean to me. have a great week :)

con amor
hermana wortley

temple :)
 thanks mom for the new outfit! this is me trying to take a normal picture LOL

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