Monday, March 16, 2015

milagros 4 dayzzzz

​Hello everyone!!

It was a week of milagros! I hope all is well with you peeps (I can say that because it's almost easter :)) 

I will start with one of the coolest experiences that I have had so far on my mission.... On Saturday we did our weekly trek to Orondo to visit Reyna and her family. They fed us a ton of food like most mexican families do when we go over and then we had a really cool lesson. The coolest part was that Reyna says that she has a confession to make and at first we were like oh no what is she going to say... then she tells us that after the first time that we went over to their house she could not shake the feeling that she had met us before. She said that she told her kids and her husband and asked if they knew why she felt like she knew us... they had no idea and the thing is that she wouldn't have just seen us walking around because they literally live in the middle of an orchard all the way on the outskirts of Orondo. She looked us both in the eyes and said I know you, whether it was from a dream or before this life I know you guys.... IT WAS SO CRAZY. The spirit was so strong and Hermana pulido and I get in the car after and just about died. If that is not a testimony that we are sent to our specific missions for a reason, then I don't know what is! We are here in this area, teaching the people that we're teaching because we made a promise to them before we even came to this earth that we would bring them the gospel. Mind blown. The church is true.

On tuesday we had the opportunity to do a kind of crazy service project. We cleaned out a hoarders house! It was one of the saddest situations that I have ever seen but it was so great to be able to help out this family. Hermana pulido sucked up half of a dead rat with the vacuum hahaha that's just a tiny piece of how dirty it was!  But you know me I love cleaning so it was kind of the best day ever #nerdalert

Wednesday was one of the most miracle packed days I have had in this area. I was on exchanges with Hermana Garcia (the coolest sister ever from El Salvador) We knocked all day and found a ton of new potentials and we prayed with random people on the street and gave away a bunch of books and pamphlets, I tried lengua (tongue) for the first time (its not my favorite), we focused a lot on using the scriptures every time we talked to people and it was incredible to see the change of heart in people as we used the Saviors words and not ours. I was so grateful for that day and for the Spirit that I felt as we acted in faith and talked to everyone. Also it really helped my spanish to speak with hermana garcia all day :)

Friday we had zone conference! It was so spirit filled and inspired. We had some great trainings from President and sister Ware about acting in faith as we align our vision with the Lords. I learned a lot and am excited for this new week to apply everything! 

Hermana Pulido and I got bikes... mine has a flat tire though so we haven't been able to ride them yet! But in our effort to save miles so we can go to Orondo more often, we are super excited to have bikes!  Oh and between us and the elders we had 8 people for the new spanish group at church yesterday!! 

Thank you so much for all you do for me. I AM SO BLESSED. I love you all and am so grateful for the chance I have to serve my Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ to whom I'll never be able to thank enough for the many blessings I have. Have a great week :) oh also we have transfer calls this week... has it really been another 6 weeks :0

mucho amor
hermana wortley aka hermana worthy aka hermana digno

Hermana pulido and I had a Brazilian flag cake made for one of the elders in our district Elder Ribeiro (from Brazil) who finishes his mission this week! 

us in leavenworth

​the romero family SO ADORABLE, they have stuffed animals named Wortley and Pulido

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