how i live my faith.

I live my faith by going to church weekly and by personal and family study of the gospel principles. I love starting off a new week by attending church. I truly believe that if I go to church with an open heart and an open mind I can learn something new each time I go, not only about the church but about myself. 

 I have a true desire to serve and with the gospel of Jesus Christ we have endless opportunities to serve. The church is based on service and there are opportunities everywhere if we just seek them out! I love being able to serve people in my community and ward, whether its doing yard work or bringing a new mom and her family dinner. 

I recently had the opportunity to go on a service trip to Africa and there is nothing better than serving people who truly need to be served. Although opportunities may not arise to go to Africa or do service in some immense way, I believe that it is the simple acts of kindness and service that can change a persons day for the better. Our church embraces the spirt of service.

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