Monday, November 30, 2015


Hola everyone!

Hermana Bland and I set a goal this past week to have the best week ever. To give all we had and to let the Lord do the rest. It was an awesome week!! We found so many new people to teach, we talked with everyone, we gave our whole souls. The Lord has blessed me so much here. 

Marta is doing amazing! She came to church yesterday and read the book of mormon with her kids last week. She has a few things that may prevent her from being baptized on the 12th, but her daughter will be getting baptized on the 12th and I know that Marta will follow shortly! 

Dezi is the coolest searcher ever. By searcher I mean he is truly searching for the truth. We had a church tour with him on saturday and it was amazing! We went to stop by his house so that he could follow us to the church and he was waiting for us out front. And he brought his girlfriend Maria!! They both felt the spirit as we walked through the church and you could see it in their eyes that they knew it was all true. They both committed to be baptized but they will both be leaving for mexico this week until the end of January.

We had a great thanksgiving! We had dinner with Sandy, one of our recent converts! She had never cooked a thanksgiving dinner before but she really wanted to make one for us. It was SO good. We got to go over a little early and help her cook. She is the sweetest.

On friday I had my departing interview with President Ware. Finishing your mission is an interesting experience haha. The talk with President Ware could not have been more inspired. It was an answer to my prayers. I had been worried about things going back to the way they were before, back to who I was before, and for pretty much my whole mission I have been praying and asking if I have done what the Lord needed me to do and become who the Lord needed me to become but I didn't necessarily feel like I had gotten answers to my concerns. President Ware said that many missionaries make a huge amount of growth on their missions and then they just go back to who they were before, he looked me in the eyes and said I know that you won't be that kind of missionary. I don't know if I have felt God's love more powerfully than in that moment. He continued looking me in the eyes and said that If Jesus Christ were in the room, and I truly felt that He was, that he would tell me, well done thou good and faithful servant, and that He was proud of me for who I have become. 

I know that nothing I did on my mission was because of me and that I couldn't have done anything without Him. I am FAR from perfect, I still have SO FAR to go. I feel so humbled and so blessed to have been a part of this great and marvelous work to be an instrument in the Lords hands. THIS IS HIS WORK. I know that Jesus is the Christ, #ASAVIORISBORN He is everything. I love this gospel with my whole heart. I am grateful for everyone that I met and everyone that I taught, they will be a part of me forever. 
Thank you for all of your love and support these past 18 months!!!! I LOVE YOU.

con amor
hermana wortley

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