Monday, November 2, 2015


It was such a good week. It really was. Monday we had a legit family home evening with Jesus and one of the families in the ward. We talked about the book of mormon and how the book of mormon answers the questions of the soul. We each bore testimony of how the book of mormon has blessed our lives and when we asked Jesus how he feels as he reads in the book of mormon he said that he places himself in the story and tries to imagine it. He said he gets excited about what is happening in the lives of the people in the book of mormon. It was a way cool experience! 
Oh my goodness we found 2 awesome families this week!!! One of them is the Gama family. We found them as we were walking down the street and they were outside just about to leave. Turns out they have friends in mexico that are members of the church and they kind of knew what missions were because their friends have a daughter that is serving a mission right now! They were leaving so we asked if we could come back the next day and they said yes! We had such an awesome lesson with them yesterday!!! Dora, the mom, told us that she can really relate to the story of Joseph Smith because she has also been to a lot of different churches. You could see it in their eyes the desire to know the truth. 
We as well found the Lopez family!! They are SO cool. It is incredible how the Lord prepares people. He truly is aware of each one of us and our needs. 
On tuesday we were able to have a council with President and Sister Ware and the other sister training leaders. We counseled about our calling and about the sisters in the mission. Afterwards we were so excited to start exchanges. We have 6 exchanges this transfer, we had our first one last week! We went on exchanges with the Benton City Hermanas. I stayed in Pasco with Hermana Shumway. This is her first transfer. It was really fun to see her energy and enthusiasm as a new missionary! 
Irma gave away her first book of mormon this week. She is amazing!! We even had dinner with the Obispo this week and he told us how impressed he is with Irma and the faith that she has. This morning I was reading the story of Ammon and Lamoni, Lamonis conversion story. I just imagine how much love Ammon had for Lamoni especially when Lamonis dad tried to kill them. The only thing Ammon wanted from the king was for his brothers to be freed and for Lamoni to keep his kingdom. He truly wanted the best for his recent convert Lamoni. I truly love our recent converts. I am so grateful for each one of them and for their desires to follow Jesus Christ. Maribel also went for the first time this week to do baptisms for the dead :) She is doing so great! I feel so humbled and honored to have been a witness in the conversion of these amazing people. I am grateful for another week to be a missionary, another week to witness the miracles that the Lord has in store for His children. I truly love this work!! 
con mucho amor
hermana wortley

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