Monday, September 29, 2014

What did one skunk say to the other?

Hola familia/amigos

To answer the question what did one skunk say to the other... I have no idea I was just trying to think of a clever way to bring up skunks, because this place is crawling with them!! Mostly at night we smell them, but when we do, it is bad, especially mixed with the stinky hops haha. but anyways, it was an AWESOME WEEK!!

First of all, I'm not sure if all the missionaries in the world got to do this, but on friday, we got to watch a sneak preview of the new movie that the church is putting out, Meet the Mormons! It is SO GOOD. I don't know if you have heard anything about it, but it is a documentary of 6 mormon families and it is pretty much a super long mormon message! I just loved how the focus was that members of the church of all colors, backgrounds, and places are just normal people trying to follow Christ. It comes out in theaters on October 10th, so you should go see it if you get the chance!

Also, on Friday we had zone specialized training with President Ware. They taught us the new way that the mission is going to do weekly planning aka week-long planning.. haha (that's funny because the new way takes a lot longer than it used to) but it is going to be so awesome! So what we do now is plan every hour of every day for the whole week, and I can already see how its going to change the work for the better. It is really cool, because everything is so much more detailed and we are so much more in tune with what we are doing as missionaries and it is really connecting us to our purpose. I am excited to see how this week goes with our first week implementing the plans!

I kind of overcame a pretty big obstacle recently.. being a new missionary is not too easy with the learning a new language, adjusting to missionary life, adjusting to being with a companion for 24/7, and trying to figure out what kind of person/missionary you really are! but something that I have recently started to recognize (if only it would have come sooner! haha) is that the reason it is so hard at first is because satan wants us fail. He knows how much good missionaries do and he knows that we are here because we have a desire to bring others unto Christ and thats exactly what he doesn't want... everyone is subject to the temptations of satan and the power he has to make you feel like you're nothing, but I feel like he works extra hard on new missionaries. As I apply the atonement I have felt the spirit so much stronger in my daily life, and I am so much happier which makes it harder for satan to bring me down on myself! Don't get me wrong, we all have rough days, but it is so much easier with Christ!

Yeah, so friday was a jam packed day haha because friday night we did a church tour with all of the branch missionaries! We were so pumped to have about 8 investigators there. Each companionship took on a different role and had a different principle that we were teaching. Ours was the Gospel of Jesus Christ (my fav). The spirit was so strong in the church that night, and it was cool to all work together to make the tour happen. We are going to try and do another one in a couple of weeks and hopefully get more members/investigators to come!
It was hilarious because we were all sitting in the primary room after with our branch mission leader, discussing what we could have done differently, and what not, and we had milk and cookies for the investigators after the tour, so we were eating the leftovers and all of a sudden one of the elders chairs broke and his milk went ALL over his companion hahahaha his companion's face was priceless and everyone just started busting up! I wish so bad I had it on video, I could win an award or something because it was hilarious.

We had a miracle this week! We were knocking the other day and we knocked into this house where the guy answered and asked us what church we were from, we told him and he said "you're kidding." We weren't sure if that was a good "you're kidding" or a bad one haha but he stepped outside and told us that he was a member of the church and that he hasn't gone in a really long time... but just the other day he was wondering how he could get in contact with the church here, since he had recently moved from Texas. He told us that he has been going through a really hard time and that he remembered how much the church felt like a family and that's all he really needs right now. We were able to get his information and pass it along to the English missionaries. It was such a cool experience because it's a huge testimony of how aware the Lord is of us at all times. This guy was in need and the Lord sent us his way without us even realizing it!

WOMENS CONFERENCE WAS THE BEST. Ok was that not one of the best meetings ever?? The speakers were great, the music was great, I loved the video, and the spirit was so strong. (I am pretty sure I saw the Murdock girls when the showed the congregation!) It seemed like the overall theme was getting yourself to the temple to receive those blessings and to in turn, be able to bless the lives of those around you.
A few of my favorite quotes were:
"covenants connect us personally to God"
"every mighty change of heart matters to the Lord"
"simple consistent acts carry eternal significance"
"cherish the light-posts He has given us"
"It is our fear, doubt, and sin that act as umbrellas from the blessings that are raining upon us"
It was so good and I can't wait for conference this weekend!! We have transfer calls this week so I will let you know next week what happens!

I hope you all have a super radical week and enjoy conference this weekend!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!

con mucho amor
hermana wortley

(us trying to be cool on some train tracks this morning haha)

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