Monday, October 6, 2014

"actively responding to His invitation to come unto Him"

Hola everyone!!

So this week was a super awesome week! There were some really great things that happened with our investigators and conference was amazing!!

One of my favorite talks was Jorg Klebingat. His was the one where he started out by saying, 'what if you had a personal interview with the Savior today?' His talk was so straight up and straight forward about how we can and need to change! I loved the 6 steps he gave us as we move forward in our spiritual progression..
1. take responsibility for your own spiritual well-being
2. take responsibility for your own physical well-being
3. embrace  voluntary obedience wholeheartedly
4. become really, really good at repenting
5. become really, really good at forgiving
6. accept trials, set backs, and surprises as part of mortality

I loved all the talks this conference and I especially loved how it was the first conference where they had people speak in their native language! Richard G. Scotts was crazy good, and I want to print off Elder Bednar's and hand it to everyone I meet haha.

Something Hermana Mohun and I have been talking about is how we are going to apply the things we learned during conference because we always hear awesome things and we are super motivated and excited to change for like a week after conference, but the things we learn and hear are meant to last longer than just a week or so! So yea, I am excited to apply the things I got out of conference!

We had a couple of sweet lessons this week with one of our investigators named Maribel. She is HILARIOUS. She comes up with questions out of no where and she is so innocent and sweet. We had been praying about a date for her that we could invite her to be baptized on, and so in one of our lessons this week I invited her, and her response was to die for... she said "wait, you're going to baptize me on Nov. 1st?" and we said "no.. remember, someone who has the priesthood will be the one to baptized you and we are just inviting you because we think you'll be ready on that date" It was really funny.. but I guess you had to be there hahaha.

We also had a great lesson with Hugo and Erica! Hugo really understands the importance of only one true church and he was asking super solid questions! They were really excited about coming to church... but they didn't come :( One day we will have investigators at church!!
Also, it was cool because remember our investigator Elena who had a baptismal date? Well she went MIA for a couple of weeks and so we weren't sure what happened.. but we found her this week! She also said that she will have more time to read in the Book of Mormon this week and will pray to know if what we have been teaching is true. She is the best.

Ok I love the hispanic people, but there were two days this week where we had two dinners because people just gave us plates of food before we could even say we already ate! hahaha Last night I was super full from dinner and then we were knocking and a family invited us in and then before I knew it, I was eating chicken and tortillas... haha!

So for the biggest news of the week... we had transfer calls and drum roll.. I am staying here and training!! I was so humbled when I got the call from President Ware and still feel  humbled that the Lord trusts me enough to train already! I am so excited and pretty nervous, but it is going to be really good. I am going to be training Hermana Bailey from Mesa, AZ and yeah, transfers are Wednesday so that should be exciting!

I am so grateful for this opportunity I have to be a missionary, and so grateful for all of you!! I love you all!!

con mucho amor
hermana wortley :)

#1 awkward self timer conference picture haha
#2 weekly planning with apples

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