Monday, October 13, 2014

tengo la gripe :/

hola peeps!
This week was SO GOOD. Seriously it has been one of my favorite weeks of my mission so far... I'm not even sure if I can pick out anything particular that made it so awesome but yeah it was great. So to explain the title of my email... yes tengo la gripe (aka a cold haha). I have been super sick since friday with a nose that won't stop running and a brick in my chest haha... but although I have been kind of a walking zombie we have had some super awesome miracles! 
I LOVE hermana bailey. She is so sweet and guys.... she thinks I'm funny!! haha I know it sounds dumb but its a tender mercy when your companion thinks you're funny. She is from Mesa Arizona and did a year of school at ASU before her mission. She has a twin brother who is on a mission in Scotland (or somewhere like that.. haha) and yeah she is pretty great! So far being a trainer has been great! I feel like since I haven't even been out that long that we are learning together and working together and I feel like we have already grown so much just in one week! President Ware told me that out of all the companionships that they were considering while preparing for transfers, he had one of the strongest impressions or feelings that hermana bailey and I needed to be paired together. So that was really cool to hear! We have been talking to so many people and working hard. I felt bad because in her last area they didn't walk very much and I have been making her walk a lot and she got a blister :/ but she has had such a good attitude. But hey what's a trainer if you don't work your greenie hard right??
Ok now for the miracles.. we were walking on I think thursday night and doing a bunch of knocking and we saw a lady sitting on her front porch so we went to talk to her and at first she was in kind of a bad mood, she said that her phone was shut off and that she had a bad day at work.. but we started to tell her about what we do as missionaries and her whole countenance changed. We asked her if she had ever heard about the book of mormon and she said that one of her co-workers actually gave her a copy but she hadn't had a chance to read it. We taught her a simple restoration lesson about why we have the book of mormon and the spirit was so strong! We said a prayer with her and she said that she knew God had sent us there for a reason that night because she felt so much better and she told us that she would pray about and read the book of mormon... so AWESOME referral for the english sisters in our area haha! 
For our next miracle.. some of the elders in our branch had a baptism on saturday and our investigator Maribel came!! I seriously don't think I have ever prayed as hard as I did that she would come and what do you know.. my prayer was answered! The only thing that we are struggling with her is that she does drugs... which is kind of a big thing haha. WHY DOES WEED HAVE TO BE LEGAL HERE?? I feel like we have had some really solid lessons with her but sometimes she is so zoned out and out of it because of the drugs.. we have a lesson with her tonight and we are going to talk about the word of wisdom so pray that she will have a desire to make that change because if she doesn't we are going to have to drop her :(
On friday hermana bailey and I went to the Doctrine of Christ training for all the people that came out at the same time as her. As all the meetings we have with President Ware, it was awesome! One of the things they focused on was in 1 Nephi chapter 17. This is the chapter where Nephi is commanded to build a ship and something they focused on was in verse 9 how it says: Lord, whither shall I go that I may find ore to molten, that I may make tools to construct the ship after the manner which thou hast shown unto me?... This verse just shows how ready, faithful and willing nephi was to do the work of the Lord. He started from the very basics, he first asked where do I go to get the materials so I can make tools, so I can build the ship that thou wanted have him build. In the meeting we talked about how this applies to missionary work and that sometimes, more often than not, we need to start at the very basics to build our ships (or ourselves/testimonies). And as the chapter goes on they explained that if we don't have our ships built.. then we won't be able to help others to get to the other side, we won't be able to carry anyone. The scriptures are THE best!
I am so grateful to be a missionary and to have this time to serve the Lord! I LOVE YOU ALL!! :) have a fantaby week!
con mucho amor
hermana wortley
(sorry no pictures I am trying to hurry because its columbus day and there are a buttload of missionaries waiting for the computers!! but I have a hilarious picture of me being sick with tissues up my nose so get excited for that next week LOL) 

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