Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Buenas Tardes!

Ok let me just start off by saying that I LOVE THE TEMPLE!!!!! I got to go today for the first time since May and it was the best day ever!! I really didn't realize how blessed I was to live one second away from the temple in Bountiful and could go any time... the quote 'you don't realize what you've got til its gone' is SO TRUE. but yeah, anyways, my companion was probably so sick of me this week because every 5 minutes I would say, guess what? we are going to the temple in two days or we are going to the temple tomorrow! haha but now its over, but it was a pretty awesome day! (and we got to go to costa vida!!!!!!!)

I especially needed to go to the temple because I had been having kind of a rough week and there is nothing closer to home than the temple (home as in heaven and home as in bountiful), the temple just puts everything into perspective! So yeah, if you get a chance to go to the temple this week DO IT, you won't regret it!!

BIG NEWS.. we had exchanges this past week with the sister training leaders and I took over the area! It was such an awesome experience because Sister Gamble (the sister that came to Moxee with me) doesn't speak any spanish so it really forced me to use my spanish! I taught a lesson all by myself in spanish with sister Gamble just smiling next to me hahaha and I was able to contact a couple of referrals! It was super cold, but yeah, I still need a lot of help with my spanish!

Anyways, the theme for our exchange was "Doing the Lords work His way," it really helped me to put things into perspective. Sometimes we just get so caught up in trying to get the lesson across or share the message, but is that really what the Lord wants? Well I am not speaking for Him, but I think His way is a little different... and that when we are really, genuinely and truly seeking to help the people we teach to follow Christ, that's all He wants.

I'll be honest, the mission is hard, I mean I was expecting it to be hard, but sometimes the rejection and the non[progressing investigators make things really discouraging... but something that has really been helping me is the Atonement. The Atonement of Jesus Christ, Our Savior, Our Redeemer.... I know that I exaggerate a lot but it is no exaggeration that Christ LITERALLY knows each and every one of us perfectly. PERFECTLY. Think about that for a second... every sad or discouraging or hard thing we have and ever will go through, Christ has gone through it, but hey not just that, He has also gone through every happy and exciting thing too! I just have 4 words... the Atonement is Incredible.

Anyways.. this past week we had a service day that was super fun! We got to clean up a creepy graveyard! and you're never going to believe who showed up... the may or Union Gap! so exciting... and it was funny because he was a bit of a larger man with sort of a fro and he showed up in basketball shorts with a tie dye shirt and flip flops... if that doesn't describe Union Gap I'm not sure what would. so classy.

We have someone on date!!! (aka going to be baptized) her name is Elena and she is such a sweetheart! She is on date for the 4th of October but she hasn't come to church yet so we may have to push it back.. but I love teaching her! I will give you more details about her next week if she comes to church and what not, but yeah, she is legit!

We also got a couple of three new investigators! One of which is Alejandra and she is adorable. It was pretty crazy how we first met her... we were going through the branch roster trying to find people in our area that we could visit and we came across someone that neither of us had met so we stopped by and turns out, he doesn't live there anymore... but Alejandra does! She is 18 and stopped going to school so she could take care of her siblings and nieces so her mom and sister could work. We have only met with her twice and I already lover her so much! Coincidence that we randomly went to her house? I think not!

I love you all so much and I am so grateful for all of you!! Have an awesome week!!

con mucho amor
hermana wortley

pic #2 me randomly holding a lizard that was on some dudes shoulder

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