Monday, September 1, 2014

I wish I could come up with clever titles for my emails......


So since we usually email at the library and it is labor day (library is closed), we had to go to the stake center to email... but so did all of the other missionaries in our zone so yeah I am now emailing!! haha

This week was pretty CRAZY.. no actually it was just your average week haha. I will start with my favorite family that we are teaching.. The Gonzales family! I am pretty sure i have mentioned them before, they are the part member family that we randomly found who has two daughters who are old enough to be baptized! But we can only meet with them about once a week because they are super busy but THEY ARE SO CUTE, seriously I die every time we go over there because I love them so much. Our biggest issue with them right now is that they haven't come to church and Maria, the mom, hasn't asked Angel, the dad, if the girls can be baptized... but we are meeting with them tomorrow so we will see how that's going! They are really awesome though.

We also had a super awesome lesson with a guy named Omar. He is probably about 30 and is married with an adorable little baby. We taught him the restoration and he was really interested and said that he would pray about the things we taught him. We are also going to visit him tomorrow!

Now we had a bunch... I mean a bunch of doors slammed in our faces this week and came in contact with quite a few catholics hahaha yeah EVERY HISPANIC IS CATHOLIC. But amongst the difficulties and hard parts about this week, we did have a miracle!! We were knocking in a trailer park and hermana mohun was on the phone and a guy walked past us so I just said hi how are you? and he smiled and kept walking... failed attempt at talking to him haha. But yeah so we kept walking and then all of the sudden we hear "hey!" we turn around and guess who it was... that guy! he said he had a feeling that he needed to talk to us and that it was a feeling from God!

WOWWOWOWOW. yeah super cool. Well he was actually on his way to a bible study class that he invited us to.. unfortunately we couldn't go haha but he said that we could come by and share more about the message that we share as missionaries!! Yay for people who are in tune with the spirit!

My favorite  part of this week was the Doctrine of Christ training that we had on friday!! It was for all the missionaries who came to the field on July 15th so I got to see my MTC buddies and President and Sister Ware!

One of the focuses in this training was 2 Nephi 31. We read the chapter verse by verse and picked out different things that stood out to us. The scriptures are THE BEST! I feel like I have been getting so much more out of them since being on my mission.

President Ware always has some awesome quotes and a couple of my favorites were, "we are only as powerful as our motive, and Christ is our motive." He also talked about desires and how "we are on a direct course to whatever our desire is." and along with the doctrine of Christ he said that "if we fail to use the doctrine of Christ, we will be dragging burdens that could be made light through Christ."

Something I REALLY noticed in the training and something I REALLY needed to hear/ need to work on is the focus of who I can become, rather than who I am right now. Because it is so easy to get down on myself for not being able to speak great spanish or adjusting to missionary life or feeling bad for being frustrated with my companion, but those are all things happening right now that are in the end (hopefully) going to push me in the right direction of becoming a better missionary/person.

Sorry I don't have any funny stories this week, I promise I haven't turned into a boring person!! I DO MY BEST TO BE FUNNY!!!!!! Anyways I hope you all had a great Labor day and Labor day weekend! You are all the best and I love you!!

your favorite missionary in the washington kennewick mission....

hermana Wortley
(sorry no pictures:( )

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