Monday, September 22, 2014

"We are looking for the ones He has already found"


It has been a pretty good week! On Saturday morning we got to go to a family history fair!! Family history is THE COOLEST. So Hermana Mohun and i got to go to the fair to help the Mitchell's (the people we live with) with the classes that they were teaching because they were doing it for the spanish members. I helped some of the members type in their information into family search and it was so fun to be able to learn about their history! I love the members of the branch. They also had some crazy cool displays of old pictures and things. There are some awesome new apps that the church has come out with.. not that I can use them haha.. but all you folks back home can! They are the Family Search app and there is another one called Memories. Seriously if those apps don't get you excited about family history, I am not sure what will.

We had a really cool lesson with a family this week (I can't remember their last name.. probably Juarez or something haha) the parents are Hugo and Erica and they have two kids, Gissella and Oliver. It was actually super awesome when we first talked with them we had just knocked into them and it was about 8:45 pm so we were just about done for the night, but we knocked and Hugo answered. We asked him if he was attending a church right now and he said no we're not, but we would like to go to your church if we can. OF COURSE YOU CAN!!! haha so yeah, that was during the week and we went back saturday and had a lesson with them and they were asking really good questions and when we asked Hugo to pray at the end, he was kind of nervous, but his wife was like, "I'll do it!" Walking out of their house was like Christmas and we were so happy because we can really see that the Lord has been preparing them! They didn't end up coming to church, but I have high hopes for them! (knock on wood)

I have been studying in D&C this past week or so and it is full of some really great things! I have noticed that there are A LOT of things repeated throughout the chapters which means they are that much more important, because if the Lord says something once we need to listen, but if he says things more than once, we better take what He is saying and apply it!!

There is a phrase that I have noticed quite a bunch that is Christ speaking saying that He is the light in the darkness and the darkness comprehendeth not. I never really thought about that before, that the Light of Christ is so powerful that the darkness can't even comprehend it... that when we have the light of Christ (which we all have) Satan won't be able to understand the goodness and righteous things we do. The more fully we are seeking to have the light of Christ in our lives, the easier it will be to confuse Satan and to overcome his temptations.

There is a really good talk that Hermana Mohun has by Hank Smith called "Break up with the World" and it really focuses on what we can do to forget the worldly things and follow the Savior. It is also really hilarious haha One of the scriptures he focuses on in the talk is D&C 33:6, I had the thought come into my mind that as missionaries, we are looking for the one's He has already found. Thank you for the prayers, I love you all!!!

Have a super rad week :)
(also, I just realized how much I say awesome and super.. so sorry about that haha)

con much amor
hermana wortley

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