Monday, August 3, 2015

I have retired from english


Ok probably one of the most miracle filled weeks yet!!

Probably the biggest miracle of them all though was that Brenda, Adrianna and Julio got baptized!! So we had been teaching Brenda and she was preparing to be baptized on the 1st but her kids Julio and Adrianna didn't really want to be baptized so we were really just focusing on Brenda... then on wednesday Brenda invited us over for dinner and we were planning her baptism when Julio told us that he wanted to get baptized.. and then Adrianna said that she wanted to get baptized too!! We asked them why they wanted to get baptized and they said that before they just didn't feel ready to be baptized and that now they know that baptism is one of the first steps to making Christ a priority in their lives. Brenda was beyond happy. They are THE sweetest kids you will ever meet and so smart and adorable and we just love them so much!!! Since they have been coming to church for 3 months they already knew a ton but there was still some things that we had to teach before they could get baptized. So we made a plan to review everything with them on thursday and then thursday night they would have their interviews with the district leader to see if they were ready. It was one of the most spirit guided lessons and the kids were so in tune with everything being taught! So they had their interview and it went great! Then on saturday the three of them got baptized! :) It was such a great day and they all looked so happy. Brenda bore the sweetest testimony at their baptism and the spirit was so strong! It was a straight up miracle. 

Now for the hilarious thing that happened at the baptism because something always goes wrong or not according to plan. Well we turned the font on so that it would fill up and then we went to make the programs for the baptism in another room and do some weekly planning and it usually takes about an hour and a half to fill up the font but it had only been about an hour when we went to go to the bathroom and decided to check the font. It was on the bridge of overflowing!!!! My first instinct was to run to the other side and turn off the font.. naturally.. but instead of running to the other side, because the womens and mens don't connect, I ran into the mothers room hahahahaha and I thought hermana garcia was going to die laughing because she said I had a panic look on my face and I just ran into the mothers room. Anyways we did some gymnastics over the font and were able to unplug it without getting too wet and we didn't flood the church!! The baptism was so good though and they are the most adorable family! :)

Rodolfo is super excited for his baptism on the 8th! He has been inviting his family and friends and is doing great. We are so excited for him! 

On wednesday we were doing some knocking and we go into this gate with a dog and hermana garcia was like he is going to bite one of us I just know it and he seemed pretty nice so I was like oh we will be fine! We go knock the door, no one answers, and as we start walking away the dog starts flipping out!! He chomped my leg and I just look at hermana garcia and said he bit me! and then my first instinct was to hit the dog with the book of mormon that I was holding but I figured I better not haha so I just held the book by my leg because I knew it would protect me from getting bit again haha and hermana garica did the same. I mean I already had a huge testimony of the book of mormon but that day I gained a testimony of the outside as well. such a powerful book!! It was a miracle that he only bit one of us! 

Transfers were this week and every first week of the transfer the stake puts on a breakfast for all of the missionaries serving in the stake! The wards take turns hosting the breakfast and this time it was our ward that made the breakfast! The hermanas made homemade tortillas for the breakfast burritos it was so good!!! And they gave us a bunch of leftovers. We are seriously serving in the coolest ward ever. The members are amazing!! 

Yesterday was kind of a crazy day, we went with a member to pick up one of our investigators Yerika for church, but the member was super late so we hurried over and they weren't quite ready so we waited for her by this time we were about 10 minutes late for church and we ended up missing Julio's confirmation but we made it for Adrianna and Brenda! But whats important is that they got confirmed haha and also that Yerika came to church :) It was an awesome week!!! The Lord is blessing us with so many miracles and giving us a ton of opportunities to be humble because we know that this is His work and that we are only instruments. I am truly humbled to be a missionary and feel SO BLESSED each day when I have to the chance to help others come unto Christ. Thank you so much for all you do! I love you all!!!!!

con mucho amor
hermana wortley

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