Monday, August 24, 2015



It was a really good week!! Yesterday was so great. So the week before last we were on exchanges and we knocked into a really awesome family that had just moved here from nevada and they told us that we could come back. So we went back this past week and HUGE MIRACLE. Turns out that they were taking the missionary lessons in nevada and the first day that they got here they went and looked for the church! And get this.. that day there was a baptism and president ware and the elders had just walked outside and were able to talk with them for a minute but at this time they didn't have a house or work so they couldn't really have the missionaries over. But it was no coincidence that we knocked into them just a few weeks later!! They are so cool!! We were able to have a great restoration lesson with them on friday and then invite them to stake conference on sunday! The crazy part was that we had sent president ware a text telling him the miracle that we found an awesome family and then he called the next day telling us that he knew who they were! Then it was 10 on sunday and stake conference was just starting and the salazar family hadn't come yet and we kind of started to panic haha but we went outside and called her.. no answer, so we called again, and again no answer so we said a prayer and as we were walking away to go inside I turn around and they were pulling in! Such a miracle! The whole family came to conference and afterwords were able to talk with president ware and also Elder Packer who was the speaker for the conference! Another huge miracle that Irma also came to church!! We have been teaching Irma and her son Juan. Irma is SO sweet and has the biggest heart and testimony of Christ. Juan wasn't home when we stopped by to remind them about church but irma decided she would just come with the little kids! 

On wednesday we had exchanges with the kennewick hermanas! I was able to go to kennewick with hermana vazquez. She is so cool. She has only been a member of the church for a year and a half and has such a solid testimony. I learned a lot from her about being bold. She just says things how they are and that is something I really need to work on! It was such a fun exchange and we had some really powerful moments.

Thursday we had zone conference! Yay for zone conference. One of the big focuses was Charity. Charity truly is the pure love of Christ. I learned so much from the spirit about the little things that I can change that will help me to become a more consecrated missionary. I am so grateful for President and Sister Ware and for all that they do for us. They are so aware of all the needs of the missionaries and the things we need to change to best help those we are serving. 

On Friday night/saturday we went on another exchange! I went to Grandview with hermana Bland. I am so grateful for exchanges, they truly open your eyes to new ways of talking with people and give you a fresh perspective of our purpose as missionaries. It was a great day and we saw some sweet miracles by talking to everyone. 

We had stake conference saturday night and sunday! Elder Packer was the speaker that came. They focused a lot on family history and also on the sabbath day. I have definitely gained a love for meetings on my mission. There is just always something more to be learned!!

I am extremely grateful for my companion hermana garcia. I wasn't really sure why but this transfer I have felt depressed which is super weird for me because I love missionary work more than anything! but yeah I have just been in a rut and I was feeling like I still have so much to learn and improve and change but that there was no way I could do any of that in the amount of time I have left on my mission. My heart just felt heavy and even though we are seeing tons of miracles I just felt so inadequate. Yesterday as we were finishing our weekly planning and setting goals hermana garcia just straight up asked me why I was depressed haha and the thing was that I didn't even realize I was depressed! I don't even know if I remember exactly what was said or the scriptures that she shared with me because it was all by the spirit but my whole attitude changed. My weaknesses no longer mattered because I remembered that in the strength of the Lord I can do all things. I feel SO BLESSED to be a missionary. I know that I don't have to learn everything now or become the best before my mission is over because I have my whole life to continue learning and growing. I am so grateful for the eternal perspective that I can now see clearly! :) 

Thank you so much for everything you do for me! I am truly blessed!!!!
con amor 
hermana wortley
Oh yeah and I cut my hair!

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