Monday, August 31, 2015

my fingers can barely type because the library is an icebox


It was such a great week! We had a huge miracle (my favorite word :) ) this week!! Yesterday a family came to church!!! The renteria family. They have 4 kids and their oldest daughter is dating a kid in one of the english wards and the way that she met him was that one of her friends had invited her to church and it was the same ward! Then they started dating and then he invited the whole family to church but the parents don't speak english so he brought them to our ward!! And they all came. Then we started talking to them and come to find that they live in our area and that we had talked with the dad before one day when we were walking down their street! And the mom has 3 really good friends that are in the ward that she didn't know were members! It was just miracle after miracle after miracle and the oldest daughter Yanet reads the book of mormon over the phone every night with her boyfriend! We were just dying it was SO cool. After we were talking about how simple invitations become some of the most powerful, that first friend probably had no idea that the whole family would come to church just a few months later! 

Also Irma and Juan came to church yesterday! Well Juan left after sacrament meeting but Irma stayed for the whole thing!! SHE IS SO COOL. Juan doesn't have a baptismal date as of right now because he is facing a lot of opposition from his family and his neighbors but although Irma is facing the same opposition it seems to be making her stronger and more excited to be baptized! She is preparing for the 12th of september and she has truly received her answer that this is what she needs to do. We are just amazed every time we go to see her because she is so full of light and understanding. 

On saturday there was an elotada at the ward! And an elotada is just a made up word for party where you eat a lot of corn hahaha but yeah it was one of the coolest activities I have been to on my mission! It was just out in the parking lot and there was A TON of corn and they had the usual mexican toppings for the corn and pretty much the whole ward came! Juan and Irma also came and they seemed to have a great time! It was way sweet!

We also went on two exchanges this week! I stayed in our area both days. The first exchange I was with hermana safsten. It was a really good day! Our focus for the day was relying on the spirit and we worked a lot on recognizing when we were following the spirit as well. I learned a lot from her about never being satisfied. She is continually looking for more ways to learn and improve, super cool! The next exchange I went on was with hermana cortes! She is an awesome missionary. I was so impressed with how genuine and sincere she is. I was grateful for her example and the things that I learned from the spirit! 

I think time goes by faster and faster each day! We have transfer calls this week! I will most likely stay here but you never know! I am so grateful to be here and for the many people that I have a chance to meet each day! THE CHURCH IS TRUE. THE ATONEMENT IS REAL. I LOVE YOU ALL.

con amor
hermana wortley
s/o to kate for getting married this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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