Monday, July 27, 2015

I got stuck in a window this week

Hey there!

Well once again it was a week jam packed full of miracles!! One of the biggest miracles would have to be Brenda. So last sunday Brenda, who is the niece of one of the members in the ward, went up to the sisters and told them that she wanted to get baptized. She had been living in their area and had met with them about 3 months ago right when she got here from mexico but she got super busy with work and what not and didn't have time, meanwhile she has been coming to church every week since.... fast forward to tuesday the sisters call us to tell us that Brenda had moved to our area! Such a miracle that we were able to start teaching her. SHE IS AWESOME. We have been teaching her every day to prepare her for her baptism this saturday!! She is so prepared and has such a powerful testimony of church. We just love her so much! 

We were also able to meet with Rodolfo this week! There was a baptism on saturday and he came! President Ware was there and Rodolfo told him that that was going to be him getting baptized in two weeks. He is so cool and he said that after he gets baptized he wants to come out and teach with us. 

On wednesday we had this great idea to do a class with them members and investigators about one of the conference talks. We have been trying to think of a way that we can help the ward to become more unified in their missionary efforts because we have incredible members who have powerful testimonies! So on wednesday we had planned to discuss the talk The Lord is My Light by Elder Cook. We had copies made and had chairs all set up and then we waited... we had a member, a recent convert and our recent converts non member ex boyfriend show up! haha we were hoping for a better turn out but it was such a miracle that Tomas (the ex boyfriend) came because he has never had any interest at all in the church but he came and he asked great questions and there was a member and a recent convert there to testify and wow it was cool! 

We are seeing so many miracles. Oh yeah and hermana Garcia and I are staying another transfer here in pasco!!!!! SO EXCITED. We started talking this morning about the goals that we want to have for this transfer. It was really crazy because at the beginning of last transfer we both chose to work on the Christlike attribute of Charity without knowing the other was going to work on it and this morning we start talking in companionship study and we had both chosen to work on the Christlike attribute of Humility!! I love how the Lord just knows exactly what we need and what our area needs and our companionship as well! One of our focuses is gratitude. Being grateful for every little thing and truly thanking the Lord each day for our many blessings. I have learned so much from hermana Garcia, she is such an incredible missionary and I know that the Lord put us together because she can help me to become the missionary that the Lord needs me to be. 

Something funny that happened this week was that anthony came to church... it is funny because he was a dude that we tracted into last sunday and we invited him to church but he didn't speak very much spanish but was very curious to know if hermana garcia would be in the english or spanish ward HAHAHA we told him that we go to the spanish. then we forgot all about it and we were saying hi to everyone yesterday when we got to church in our own little world smiling and talking to people (#classicsistermissionary) and then anthony walks in and hermana garcias face was priceless!!!! He liked church though so we sent the english elders over to his house. so funny... but maybe you had to be there for it to be funny.
I love you all!!! Thank you for everything!!!!!!!!!!! have a rad week :)

con amor
hermana wortley

I ate pupusas for the first time!!!! They are so good!!! yay for having a companion from el salvador!!! (yeah I know its an awkward picture but hey its me what do you expect)

​we locked ourselves out and we also put wood in the window because our apartments are sketchy haha so I sqeezed myself into the window!!!! I thought I was getting fat hahahahaha

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