Monday, July 6, 2015

Happy 6th of July!!!!!!

Hello everyone!!!

Wow how is everyone doing?? I am in shock that it is july, is this real life?! It was a very busy week but super good! We went on three exchanges this week. On tuesday I was able to stay in the area and go on an exchange with hermana cowley. It was so great! Our focus for the day was to talk with everyone and to give everyone a chance to feel the spirit. She is only in week three of her mission and has so much courage! I was so impressed by her spanish and her willingness to speak up, I was definitely not that bold in the first few weeks of my mission haha! so cool. On thursday I went to benton city on an exchange with hermana gomez! She is from mexico so it was really fun to speak spanish all day with her! The only bummer about the exchange was that when it was over I realized I left my quad in their car and they live kind of far away so I have to wait until our leadership council on thursday to get it back! haha but if thats the only thing that went wrong I guess it was pretty good! And on friday to saturday I went to north pasco with Sister Nilsen! It was one of the greatest exchanges yet. Fun because she is such a bubbly person and great because the spirit was so strong all day!! Being happy makes all the difference in missionary work and being able to share Christs light with others! Wow I love learning from other missionaries! 
Our investigator Jesus came to church yesterday!! He is a drug addict and it has been really hard for him to stop, especially on the weekends is when he gets most tempted to do drugs and he usually disappears on the weekends, but this weekend he didn't do any drugs!!! They had a really solid lesson with him on friday on exchanges and then on saturday hna. garcia felt promted to text him. It turns out that he was praying when he got the text, for help because he had the temptation to do drugs. He was praying that he could overcome the temptation right when we texted him. The timing worked out that we were able to go over and read with him from the book of mormon. He said that every time he feels the temptation he prays and opens the book of mormon. He has a lot to overcome but he is doing so great at relying on the Lord!! 

We found an adorable new family to teach! We are lucky because we live in a very hispanic populated apartment complex and its in our area so at night when we get home we go and talk to our neighbors and its super great! So the family we started teaching is Normas family. We met norma one night as we were walking home and she invited us to come back, and we went back and were able to teach her and her kids the restoration! She asked some of the most inspired questions and agreed to read and pray. We are excited to visit them this week. 

Ah there was a lot that happened this week but my mind is kind of blank right now haha! Just know that it was a great week full of miracles and that I am alive and that I love being a missionary and that the church is true!!!!!!!! I love you all and hope you have a great 6th of july (way cooler than the 4th if I say so myself :) ) shout out to grandma wortley and marshall happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

con mucho amor
hermana wortley

(oh yeah.... I AM OLD!!!!!!!! thanks for the cake in a jar so cool! ) (it is supposed to be a cool hipster picture which is why my face isn't in it)

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