Monday, June 29, 2015



Wow it was a super busy, crazy, but awesome week!! 
First of all Divina and Kevin got baptized!! It was an amazing experience to be able to teach them and help them to follow our Savior Jesus Christ! They got baptized on Friday. It was a pretty stressful day because we had a leadership training meeting from 10-2 in Richland and then we planned exchanges and called all the sisters and their district leaders to set everything up and explain the focus for this transfer, which is Following the Example of Jesus Christ by developing His attributes :), and we needed to make the programs for the baptism, and fill the font and weekly plan all before 6pm when the baptism started. A few things went wrong as they usually do with baptisms because Satan doesn't want people to Come unto Christ, so the printer was broken and one of our speakers couldn't come, and we found out once Kevin got in the water that he has never been in water before so he was pretty nervous! Pretty sure he broke the record of number of times being dunked. It was at least 15 times! Bless his heart he was a trooper and wanted to be baptized so bad that he overcame his fear of water! So happy for him and Divina!!! 

We also had our first exchange of the transfer this week! There are 6 sets of sisters that we are serving so it was the first of many exchanges this transfer! It was great, I went to another area in pasco. I learned a lot about patience and endurance! English work is so different from Spanish work so it was cool to be in an english area for the day. Definitely have a greater appreciation for the chance to serve the sweet and loving spanish people! 

The training meeting we had on friday was so good!!!! I am so excited to apply the trainings. Something president Ware said that really stood out to me was the as the mission leaders, we are the missionaries to the missionaries. It was a profound moment for me when he said that. One of the focuses for the meeting was that This mission will rise no higher than the leaders. I am SO humbled to be serving at this time and with hermana garcia. She is such a bold and loving missionary. I am grateful for her example! I love missionary work so much. 
​Random other things that happened this week:
- we served dinner at a quinceañera
- our AC broke and it has been in the 100s all week #livinthesweatylife
- we made a cake for Divinas son for his birthday
- I made my companion pee her pants... I didn't know I was that funny!!
- we found some new trailer parks to knock :)
solid week!

I love you all and hope you have a crazy cool fourth of july!!!!!!! 

con mucho amor
hermana wortley

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