Monday, June 8, 2015

still alive


Thank you so much for all the prayers and for those that participated in the mission fast!! There was a unique and powerful spirit yesterday as we all united together in a fast for the Lords work in this area. It was a really hard week, but we had some pretty sweet miracles yesterday! We were waiting in the foyer yesterday morning before church as we do each week, one of the most stressful parts of the week for missionaries! haha and we see this Hispanic guy pull into the parking lot and we got really excited... turns out it was miguel one of our investigators! We found him tracting one day and he was really nice and open to learning more but when we went back for our return appointment he wasn't there so we weren't sure if he was really interested. We were in the area the other day though and so we stopped by to see if he was home and he was! and he committed to coming to church! So he came to church and he really liked it and it was so awesome because he could only stay for sacrament because he had to get to work but we had like 5 members come up to him and ask if he was going to stay for the rest of church :) They did great at helping him to feel welcome! Also Veronica came to church, a less active that we are working with. She cried the whole time and when it was over she told us that she felt like she was coming home. She told us that she has gone to so many churches but none of them feel the way it feels when she comes to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She said she will for sure be there next week. Also we had another less active come, Jessica. She went into work at 4am and said that she was looking pretty sad and tired because she wanted to go to church but she was working and she was praying that she would be able to go to church and her manager walked up and asked her what was wrong and she said she just didn't feel great and he told her she could go home early! So she rushed home got dressed and came to church :) Then she asked if she could come out with us that evening! SHE IS SO GREAT. Then we found out that she is good friends with another one of our less actives YAY for finding fellowship for people! And also I haven't talked too much about this but do you remember salvador who got baptized in Feb? well he has been struggling with coming to church because of work and he has been really flaky about meeting with us, kind of doing the opposite of progressing. Anyways he committed to coming to church yesterday and we went to his house in the morning and everything then we got to sacrament meeting and he wasn't there so we were pretty bummed... THEN we were sitting in sunday school and he walks in!! He was like hermanas you didn't think I was going to come did you? haha He came and his boys LOVED church. They were asking their dad if they could come early next sunday and are a really good influence on Salvador. 

We have a lot of awesome things planned for this upcoming week! We have a sweet family home evening set up, some new finding ideas, and we are preparing to see a lot of miracles!! Do you remember Concepcion who read the whole book of mormon and wanted to get baptized but then  left for mexico? Well I felt like we should call her this week and she answered! She said she will be back this wednesday and that we could come over thursday :) I am grateful that I listened to that prompting!! I love missionary work. I may have bed bugs or something because I look like I have chicken pox with all the bug bites that I have!!!!! Also we have transfer calls this week so if anyone is sending me anything probably go through the mission home because everyone is predicting that I am leaving haha I have only been here 6 months though so I don't know why everyone thinks I'm leaving! jkjk I love you all and hope you have a great week!! 

con MUCHO amor
hermana wortley

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