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Ok this has been one of the best weeks of my mission. Not because 40 people got baptized or everyone listened to us, but because I have felt so much joy this week. I am SO blessed to be companions with hermana Garcia, she is the El Salvadorian version of Katelyn St. John so you could say we get a long pretty well! I LOVE it here. It is like a mini mexico, literally I have only talked to one white person since I got here, other than myself hahaha. 

So wednesday was transfers and we had to be at the stake center at 10:30am. And when we got there they told me I would be one of the transfer car drivers and that I would be driving a truck haha kind of hilarious. But anyways we said our goodbyes and it was pretty sad because all of the people I was serving with are in the Yakima mission and I was the only one going down to the kennewick mission from our whole zone! But it was awesome because we stopped in Yakima for one of the transfer sites and it was seriously like coming home. I love that place. And I got to see hermana pulido!!!!! Turns out that we both had a really hard couple of transfers and it was so good to be able to see each other and catch up. Something that we talked about was how everyone seemed to have had a rough couple of transfers whether it was companion trouble, investigator trouble, areas, family problems...etc. With every new and good change comes opposition, and with the mission splitting so soon, the opposition has only gotten stronger. The Lord has been preparing each one of us for greatness but the trials always come first. I felt like I grew so much during those 12 weeks of training, about how I can become a better missionary, and how I can become the missionary that the Lord needs me to be. I feel truly humbled to have experienced the trials that I went through in wenatchee. I GREW SO MUCH (physically I am the same size though.. maybe a little chubbier haha). 
We are teaching some amazing people! Hermana Garcia got doubled into this area last transfer so we are both still getting to know the area which is awesome, and they doubled out some elders in the area next to ours and we took over their area so now we have a huge area!! We are serving in a spanish ward and the members are so great! We had a big breakfast with one of the families this morning and they told me I am too skinny and that I need to come over and eat at their house more haha. I am so grateful to be back in an all spanish area because I love these people so much. We also took the elders apartment so its a little sketchy haha but nothing a little Clorox can't fix!  

So we are teaching Divina and Kevin a mom and son, who are preparing to be baptized this friday! When I got here kevin was on date to be baptized but Divina was still unsure. We had an awesome lesson with them both on thursday night and Divina prayed to know if she should get baptized with Kevin. Afterwards she said that she wanted to get baptized. Their family radiates with the light of Christ. We are also teaching some great people from the area we took over from the elders. People are being prepared everywhere and it is so cool to see the Lords hand in the work as we act in faith and talk to everyone! 

Something Hermana Garcia and I plan to work on this transfer is opening our hearts to find the elect. We know that the Lord has blessed us with an abundance of people to teach here and that there are specific people who are ready! We are striving to see everyone with what we call "white eyes," seeing them as if they were entering the temple. A true eternal perspective. I am so grateful for the chance that we have to serve the sisters here as well. I love learning from other missionaries because we are all so different but yet we all have the same purpose. My weird rash is almost gone! yay! Thank you so much for all the love and support. Seriously I am beyond blessed to have such awesome family and friends! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

con muchisimo amor
hermana wortley

(sorry no pictures I forgot my camera cord at home :/ )

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