Monday, February 2, 2015


Well we had a fabulous superbowl-less sunday!!

Man the people here were so nuts this whole past week about the superbowl. We were knocking a bunch on saturday and no joke we had a few people tell us that we could come back next week because they were preparing for the superbowl haha. Our mission president gave us permission to weekly plan during the superbowl because of how crazy it has been here in washington #gohawks 

But enough about the superbowl, we had a huge miracle this week! So last sunday we spoke in church and another set of the elders spoke also and one of them leaned over to us and said "you see that guy over there, his name is Salvador and he lives in your area but he is not a member" So we went up to him after church and set up an appointment for tuesday. We had an awesome lesson with him and come to find out that he has been going to church for 6 months now and no one has ever taught him!! So he is ready to be baptized all we need to do is teach him! haha So we put him on date for the 28th of February and he was so excited. But get this, we are at church yesterday and the bishop comes up to us and said you are teaching Salvador right? And we said yeah! and the bishop told us that he has been paying tithing and fast offerings.... we haven't even taught him those things yet! So we called him after church and asked if we could meet with him a few more times a week so that we could have his baptism sooner and he was super happy! oh man he is so great! 

We also ventured down to orondo this week! That place is so crazy, the houses are like a mile away from each other and they are hidden in the hills. So it makes for an adventurous day! Oh and I performed toe surgery on hermana pulido this week also.... so last pday she played basketball in barefeet and got a gigantic blood blister on her big toe and then the next day the blister just had so much pressure and she didnt want to pop it because a lot of times that makes it worse, so we cleaned it with hydrogen peroxide and then I got a sewing needle and cleaned that and we poked a hole in the blister to let the blood out a little bit so it would relieve some of the pressure and meanwhile I was cleaning it and then bandaged it up for her. It was hilarious. Her toe is doing a lot better! 

So there is the most adorable abuelita in our ward that was less active like a month ago and now she comes every sunday! but anyways we brought her out with us to an appointment and she is the most precious thing ever just picture the tiniest little mexican lady with white hair and pigtails and no teeth. And we asked her if we could call her abuelita and I thought she was going to cry she was so excited. Anyways the lesson that she came with us was to Concepcion, the lady who randomly came to church a couple of weeks ago. So Concepcion has read all the way to Alma 37 and also the Ezra Taft Benson relief society book!! Seriously she is so great. She wants to be baptized but she lives with her son and he isn't really ok with her changing religions so her and her husband are looking for an apartment or something so that she can continue learning about the church. People amaze me with their faith. 

We had some really great things happen this week, but also I had one of the hardest days yet on my mission. It was hard because my companion had a complete meltdown. As missionaries we would call it a code red... someone said something to her in district meeting that made her feel really bad about her progression as a missionary and when we got in the car she lost it. I felt so sad for her and we spent our lunch time trying to talk it out and makes lists of things she could work on and things she is really good at but I felt like nothing I was saying was helping. She was really doubting why she is even on a mission. She is so great but she doesn't get that we can't be perfect. I was really worried about her and almost thought I was going to have to call President Ware, but we had to head out because our lunch was over and we were walking to service. As we were walking she didn't say anything and I just knew the internal struggle that she was going through... I prayed so hard that I would know how to help her. The spirit told me that what she needed was to get to work. So I said "before we go to service we are going to knock a couple of doors" and before she could tell me no I was already crossing the street haha. The first door we knocked no one answered but the second answered and invited us right in! It was a super legit Native American lady who had met with missionaries in the past. We talked to her about the plan of salvation and the atonement... that we can only be perfected through Christ. It was a great lesson but the coolest thing about it was the change in my companion. I can't even explain it. After we left the house she was happy and you could tell she felt "lighter" if that makes any sense. 
The atonement is so real. My companion is doing so much better and we are working on some goals that we can work on to help her feel more confident as a missionary. I am blessed to be serving here. Thank you so much for all you do for me! I LOVE YOU

Fun facts: 
I am now a pro at pinochle (no idea how to spell that)
We walked for 5 hours straight because no one let us in (preparing for the superbowl haha)
We found a bunch of 80s church movies that we have started watching in spanish while we get ready in the morning 
the seahawks lost
transfer calls are this week, can you believe it??
I hit my 8 months mark this week :O

have an awesome week :)
Les quiero
hermana wortley

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