Monday, February 9, 2015

Wenatchee for the win!

Hey peeps!

This was a good week. We saw some Krazy Kool miracles! Well like I told you last week Concepcion our investigator had read all the way to Alma 37 and she also read the Ezra Taft Benson book! This week she finished the Book of Mormon!! We went over to have a lesson with her and we sit down and she holds the book of mormon to her heart and just says "I know this book is true, I believe it with all my heart." It was one of the most powerful moments I have had on my mission. It makes you really think about all the people who don't keep their commitments and read because if they would just take the time to read and pray about the book of mormon, they would know. It's just that simple. My testimony of the book of mormon has grown so much this week as I witness the changes in these people as they just read the book! 

Our next miracle was with Reina. Her and her family were a referral from one of our members, they are the ones that live in orondo. Anyways we drove down to visit her on wednesday but they weren't home which was kind of a bummer but we did the sister missionary thing to do and left them a sticky note telling them that we would be coming back on saturday (because they don't have a phone or car). So we show up on saturday and only Reina and her daughter Arianna were home but they were waiting for us! Reina has read all the way to 3rd Nephi 11!! But get this, she not only read it but it was highlighted and marked up!!!!!!! She also had this big lunch prepared for us too, and she sent us home with leftovers. Hermana pulido and I feel like she is our adorable mexican mother. 
The funny thing was that we had a dinner appointment after that and we were super full and hermana pulido was sneakily feeding her dinner to the dog hahahaha. I am so glad she didn't tell me that she was feeding the dog during dinner until after we left or else I would have lost it hahaha. The dog ate really well that night! 

Also miracle with Salvador, we taught him all of the commandments and the plan of salvation this week. He was asking some of the most inspired questions during our lesson. It was super powerful and we were able to have members with us for both lessons which makes everything so much better. As of right now we are planning his baptism for this saturday!! He is so ready. 

Oh yeah we also had transfer calls this week and hermana pulido and I are both staying! I didn't think I was leaving but you never know. I am so grateful for all of the miracles that the Lord is showing us here in east wenatchee. He is so merciful to us!! Things are a little hard with the new spanish group that we are trying to establish and sometimes if feels like I have a backpack full of rocks on with all the pressure of this area hahaha but that's missionary work right? I am so blessed to be a missionary right now!! Thank you for all you do for me. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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