Monday, February 16, 2015

the ginger saved our baptism

It was a week of miracles!

wow for realz it was a super crazy and stressful week but we had some pretty sweet miracles! That is one thing I have really loved about being a missionary is being more aware I guess you could say, of the miracles all around us each day! 

 First off this week was transfers and both of us were staying but we decided to take advantage of the transfer van and get dropped off at the southern part of our area down in rock island (it's not really an island if you're wondering haha) so they dropped us off around 1pm and we knocked pretty much the whole town because its not very big and we had a couple of lessons and saw a bunch of dead animals like a turtle, deer, squirrel etc... it was quite the adventure! haha And we get a call at about 5 saying that the transfer van was going to pick us up! it was so legit because we saved a bunch of miles and talked to a bunch of people! Everyone in the car was so confused why they were picking us up haha. 

Salvador got baptized on friday!! It was a crazy day. We had the whole program made and we had people to give talks and prayers, the whole shebang and the baptism was planned for 7pm.. BUT we had a dinner appointment at 5 and we show up and they hadn't started making the dinner yet but we felt super bad because it was their first time ever having missionaries over because she is a single mom and can't have the elders, long story short it ended up taking super long and we still had to fill up the font and set up chairs. Luckily we have the best zone leaders ever who happened to be planning at the church so they filled up the font and set up chairs for us, bless their hearts. So we rush from dinner to invite some people to the baptism, this is after we had already called the entire ward roster haha and then headed to the church! 
Well 7 rolls around and Salvador hadn't shown up yet so we kind of panicked, so our district held down the fort and we hopped in the car to find salvador. Turns out he was just running late because he had his two little boys with him! So back to the church and a few people were there but not as many came as they said they would. Anyways he changes we take a quick pic of course and we start the program. 
So hermano zamora was conducting and all of the sudden I look around and the person who was supposed to give the talk about baptism wasn't there! well to explain the title of my email the ginger saved our baptism!! An elder in our district who is super ginger jumped in last minute and gave the talk and he has only been out 3 transfers! Also our district sang while Salvador changed after the baptism. Oh man it was so stressful but so great!! He was so prepared and ready to be baptized. After hermana pulido and I couldn't get over how blessed we are to be serving in this area and with some of the best missionaries who were so willing to help us out when everything seemed to be going wrong haha. Salvador was confirmed on sunday and he looked so great in his white shirt and tie and so happy! There is no doubt that the gospel brings joy into peoples lives. 

Saturday we had zone training meeting which was really good! Our zone is pretty awesome because we are an all spanish zone and one of the cool things is that there are only two of us from utah and the rest are either from different countries or other crazy places! We have missionaries from brazil, el salvador, tonga, canada, chile, mexico... it is so cool!! Hermana pulido and I wore the exact same outfit to zone meeting and it was pretty hilarious to see everyones reactions. It was a great week! There are a lot of great things in store for the rest of this month!

I love you all and hope you have an awesome week! :)
con mucho amor
hermana wortley

Salvadors baptism :)

happy valentines day :)

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