Monday, January 26, 2015

my weekly email that you have all been dying for :)


Wow this week went by so fast! Ah I feel like I was barely emailed! Well first off we had exchanges this week with our Sister Training Leaders Sister Bledsoe and Hermana Garcia. They are so great. I went to wenatchee with Sis. Bledsoe and we had some pretty random crazy things happen haha. First off we were knocking and a fairly large mexican dude answered the door and he wasn't wearing a shirt so you can only imagine our surprise when he answered haha and we start telling him that we are missionaries that share a message about Jesus Christ and we asked him his name and he says my name is Jesus (but he didn't say it in the hispanic way so it was hilarious) and then he went on to ask us if we always wear skirts and that its a sin if we don't wear skirts and its also a sin to eat shrimp so that was interesting hahaha. 
The next thing was that we were looking for a referral and we knocked into a house and the guy that answered was definitely not wearing clothes... luckily he stood behind the door so we didn't see much haha but geeze you would be surprised what some people think is acceptable to answer the door in #missionarylife but all in all it was a really great exchange and I learned a ton from sister bledsoe she is such a great missionary.

We put a family on date this week! Amy and Rafael and then they have two kids that are old enough to be baptized. They are working towards the 21st of Februrary. They are really cool but we still have a lot to teach them and also, we aren't sure if they are married which could potentially be a problem! But the are awesome!! 
We are also teaching another amazing family who came to church yesterday!! They were a referral from one of our members and they live in Orondo which is on the far end of our area about 45 minutes from where we live in East Wenatchee so it takes a bunch of miles to get there, so since it is the last week of the month we are saving our miles so we can go visit them!! Ah they are great. They also fed us super delicious enchiladas after our lesson with them on saturday. The Lord is blessing us SO MUCH.

So it was super funny last sunday during the spanish ward they announced that the missionaries were having a ward activity on friday... but none of us knew that we were planning it! haha so we had a quick meeting after church to plan it and of course since hermana pulido and I are the only sisters we got put in charge of the activity and calling people to bring food and oh yeah we brought the decorations too haha. So we ended up getting a pinata and then went to the dollar store and got some decorations. The party turned out pretty fun despite the fact that only about 10 people came hahaha. 

Great things are happening here and I know I say it every week but I am SO BLESSED TO BE HERE. I love you all so much and am praying for you always :)

Les Quiero
Hermana wortley

Super awkward picture but the post office here looks like Gringots in harry potter so yeah pretty sweet haha

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