Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 say whaaaattttt?

Hi there Peeps!

This was kind of a crazy week with transfers and all that fun stuff, but I feel like I am going to really like this area! The mission is weird because you go to a place not knowing anyone and after time you grow to love them and they become part of your family, whether its investigators, members or just random people that you meet... and then once you get to that point you have to leave and start all over and it kind of feels like you are starting the mission all over again! So this week has been kind of interesting haha! 

The first couple of days here were kind of crazy because new years eve was the day of transfers and since its kind of a long drive, I didn't get up to wenatcee until about 3:30ish and then we had dinner around 4 with an investigator because we had to be in at 6 due to the holiday. And we didn't have a car because it was in the shop so we had to hitch a ride from some other sisters in the area so we could make it home in time! But I had bought a really awkward cat puzzle the last week at wal mart that we did new years eve... probably the most eventful new years I have ever had! haha 

On thursday we tried to go pick up our car but since it was a holiday the car place wasn't open... but we were able to go to service! We go to an assisted living place a couple times a week and visit with/play games with the residents. So I was playing cards with a group of elderly folks and decided I would try and teach them the game "idiot" because its the best game ever... but being that I am a missionary I didn't think I should tell them that the game was called idiot so I just told them that it was just a game that I had learned a while back, and it was HILARIOUS because they were all so confused and all of them hated the game because it had too many rules and one lady no joke... even said that some "idiot" must have made up this game hahahaha I was dying. Probably one of the funniest moments on my mission so far. 
The rest of the day could be summed up in one word.. cold. We had to walk because we didn't have a car and it was about 14 degrees Brrr.... But we do have some pretty sweet investigators! 

Friday was weekly planning but hermana Pulido (my companion.. she is great by the way) wasn't feeling great. We kept planning though, but after dinner she was REALLY not feeling good so we found a thermometer and turns out she had a 102.7 fever. yikes. So we go back home and call the elders to come and give her a blessing. She still had a fever the next morning and had pretty bad aches and chills so I made her go back to bed to try and sleep it off while I called Sister Ware to see if there was a clinic or something we could go to. 
Turns out the only clinic near us is closed on saturdays so we went back home and I had her get in bed and drink a bunch of fluids. 
Meanwhile I decided to try and do some phone contacting since I couldn't leave my companion haha. I called all of the potentials and former investigators in the phone. It was a MILAGRO day because so many people were willing to set up appointments with us! Phone contacting is super awkward because seriously who wants to talk to random church people on the phone and give them your address... I think I would be pretty skeptical about that haha. We have about 6 or 7 appointment set up from the people I called though so that was pretty sweet! Luckily Hermana pulido was feeling good enough after dinner to go out and try by some people. Don't worry she is doing a ton better! It must have just been one of those one day flu kind of things. It was great to practice my nursing skills though hahaha.

OK... it is GORGEOUS here. I feel like I am in another country or something like Germany or Canada (actually i'm not too far from canada) because the mountains are SO tall and covered in snow! I am sorry I didn't take any pictures yet, but I will this week! And it is super cool because the Columbia river runs right through town, that is actually the divider for our area with another set of missionaries. 
It was kind of a culture shock coming from my last area haha. We are assigned to a spanish ward, but the stake president a few years back called a bunch of english members that speak spanish to attend the ward to help build it up, but apparently there has been some drama in the ward so its really sad but there are only about 12 active Hispanic members and about 15 or so English members that attend! Kind of crazy! But the stake president and president ware have high expectations for this area and so that is part of the reason they created an all spanish zone up here. 
They are trying to start a spanish branch in each building in the area rather than the ward, so that is one of the things we are going to be doing this transfer! We are going to work on starting up a branch at the building in our area! We have a lot of work to do, but I am so excited to be a part of this hastening of the work here in Wenatchee! Also I feel like it was really inspired that I am here with hermana pulido... she came out one transfer after me and has had some super crazy things happen to her, like her trainer got sent home and all kinds of other stuff. She has had a super hard few transfers... I am not sure how yet, but I feel like I can really help her!

I love this gospel with all my heart and am so grateful for the time I have to be sharing His gospel with the people here. I hope you have an awesome week!! I LOVE YOU ALL

Les Quiero
hermana wortley

pic#1 me with the mitchells before I left moxee! THEY ARE THE BEST
pic#2 The Vaca familia 

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