Monday, January 19, 2015

a week of milagros


Wow this week was a week of miracles. Seriously the Lord has been so merciful to hermana Pulido and I this week. We are working crazy hard to get this branch started up and looking in every place we can think to find new investigators! 

The first miracle happened on Friday.. It all started during personal study when I was reading my scriptures and decided to grab my preach my gospel but when I went to grab it, a preparing to enter the temple pamphlet fell out of no where. I didn't even know I had one of those on my desk haha but I figured since it fell out I should read it because who knows it could have been a prompting to read it or something. 
WELL... we headed to a lesson that night and were planning to teach about the restoration/book of mormon when she asked if we had any pictures of the temple... just so happened that we had one and were able to teach all about the temple and her and her less active husband were so excited! We invited her to be baptized and for her husband to prepare to perform the baptism. Ah it was amazing. 
The night just kept getting better because we headed to a less active to visit her but she wasn't there.. but her non member husband was! We talked to him a little bit on the porch and then his wife pulled up. They invited us in but he told us right off that he has a church and that he wasn't interested in changing religions.... it was also kind of crazy because their 3 year old was jumping all over me hahaha. She is so adorable but it's kind of hard to do anything when you have a 3 year old in your face so I kind of took charge of entertaining her while hermana pulido started talking to Ramon. She said that either our message is false or 100% true and the only way that we can find out is by reading in the book of mormon. We used the introduction to the book of mormon and he said that when he knew it was true that he would be baptized. I don't think I explained that very well but it was amazing to see that change of heart that Ramon had. 
Miracle number 3... we walked in a few minutes late to the spanish ward because we were coming from our other ward, we sat down in sunday school and hermana pulido nudges me and says look its Concepcion. In my head I was thinking no way haha but sure enough a lady that we had only taught one time like 3 weeks ago was sitting in sunday school!! Turns out her cousin is a member and he invited her, but better yet she became instant best friends with a less active that we recently got to come back to church and we have a lesson set up this week with Concepcion and Isabel (the less active) is going to come with us! SO COOL. 
Also random fun fact, I am I guess you could say the go to chorister in the spanish ward haha I am not even musical! Oh and hermana pulido and I have to speak in both of our wards this coming sunday!

We also had interviews with President Ward this week. It was funny because everyone's interviews were at least 30 minutes, some were even longer, and I managed to get out in less than 10 minutes... not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing haha... Oh and dad, President Ware says hi! 
Currently something I am trying to overcome is my gringo accent. yes believe it or not I sound like a gringo. We were in our spanish study with our district and we went around the room and read a paragraph so our district leader who is from Mexico could help us.... and what he said to me was, your pronunciation is great but you sound 100% gringa. I was like what do you expect I am a gringa!! hahaha So who knows how I am going to fix that. We do have the frozen soundtrack in spanish which is helping haha. 

You know what's fun? Tracting in the snow. I am serious! It really is fun until it starts freeze raining then that's when things get a little tricky because its 30 degrees but its raining but there is snow everywhere that turns into ice or slush or who knows what haha. good times. 

I am so grateful to be here. The mission is great, the people here are great, overall things are great. I hope you all have a super rad week!! LOVE YOU ALL :)

con amor
hermana wortley

(this was after 3 hours of tracting in the snow/freeze rain, but on the plus side its really pretty here :) )

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