Monday, December 1, 2014

we almost got a puppy!!

HI everyone!!

This week went by really fast but thanksgiving was good! So turns out that the mitchells (the people we live with) signed up to feed us on thanksgiving but they signed up on a copy of the dinner calendar so someone else signed up to feed us too! But we didn't find out that the other people signed up until the day before so we couldn't tell them that we already had another dinner and we couldn't tell the mitchells that someone else signed up to feed us because they we excited to have us eat with was crazy but we pulled off having two thanksgiving dinners one right after another! hahahaha! Dinner at the mitchells was crazy because they are the coolest nicest people ever and they just pretty much invited everyone in their ward and the terrace heights ward who didn't have anywhere to go for thanksgiving over to their house! There ended up being about 36 people! The Fourniers were our second thanksgiving dinner and they were so awesome and hilarious! They also told us that they signed up to have us over on Christmas too so we will be skyping from their house! Thanksgiving was not your usual day but it was still good!

Good news about Jesus. He is back on track for his baptism!! He is working towards December 20th! We were super excited because we taught him the Word of Wisdom on saturday and we were kind of worried beforehand that it was going to be a problem, but he is so ready to live it and make changes in his life. He told us that he quit smoking in 1995 and only occasionally drinks a beer but committed to stop. HE IS PROGRESSING. He also came to church again yesterday :)

the puppy... well hermana bailey and I were walking, and visiting some people and while we were on our way, we ran into or should I say she ran into us... the most adorable puppy (not as cute as boomer of course). But it was about 16 degrees outside and she was freezing!! Ah we were freaking out because she was shaking and so hermana bailey took off her sweater and wrapped it around the puppy while I held her and we tried to find the owner! We knocked all the doors in the direction from where the puppy came but no one answered their door! We had to leave because we were about to head to dinner and we couldn't take the puppy because its a rule that we can't have pets... I know weird right?? haha but our hearts broke because we had to leave her behind but at least we warmed her up right? We laughed and said that its a blessing and a curse to have big hearts hahahahaha i'm serious.

Ah the work is so good here. We have found a bunch of really cool potentials and someone told me that my spanish is good which is the best thing ever. I CAN'T BELIEVE ITS DECEMBER!! Happy month of remembering the birth of Christ!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (because he was actually born in April haha) #HEISTHEGIFT 

sorry this email is so random but it was a pretty random week!! I LOVE YOU ALL :)

Con mucho amor
hermana wortley

pic#2 thanksgiving with the Fourniers!

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