Tuesday, December 9, 2014

on cloud 9... literally we have been in a cloud for 2 days


wowzers has it been a crazy day! well first off I am emailing today because today was temple pday!! the best kind of pday there is :) It started off normal, we woke up got ready and drove over to the members house who was going to drive us to the temple... but it was SO FOGGY. you couldn't see anything! We got to her house and then we headed off for the temple, both hermana bailey and I noticed that we got on the freeway headed the wrong direction but we just thought that she was taking a back way to get there or something so neither of us said anything... that was our first mistake! 
So that would be the first advice I have for this email is NEVER DOUBT promptings haha. Anyways we got going and we were really headed the wrong direction and it was about a half hour and hermana bailey, since she was in the front seat, was like "are we supposed to be going north?" and sister goos, the sister that was driving, was like "no we are going south..." AHH yeah so we pulled over and figured out where we were which was not where we wanted to be haha. So we jumped on the freeway heading the right direction but by this time we were running super late! and it didn't help that it was as if we were driving in a cloud! Anyways we call our district leader and told him that we were going to be getting there right when the session started and to see if maybe they would hold the session for us, he said that they could only wait 5 minutes. So we drove as quickly and safely as possible hahaha but to our disappointment we ran in the temple just as they closed the doors for the session! It was probably the saddest 1 minute ever, but all of the temple workers were so awesome and trying to help us out and they ended up getting us in for a later session! 
I LOVE THE TEMPLE :) wow after having such a crazy morning there was nothing that could have been better than soaking up the spirit of the temple. I feel like every time I go to the temple something new sticks out to me and today I just gained such a greater appreciation for our Savior Jesus Christ. He was and is at all times ready to do the will of the Father. He never questioned or doubted the Plan, He simply did what Heavenly Father needed him to do. He is the perfect example of obedience and love. Everything he did was out of love for the Father, and out of Love for us. As every day, I am grateful for my Savior. After the session we even had time to go to costa vida! haha so it has been a crazy but good day!

Not a lot of new things happened this week... Jesus is still on track for his baptism on the 20th! He is so great. We have taught him all of the lessons except the laws and ordinances which we are going to start teaching tonight. Our tithing and fasting lesson with him was so great. He totally understands tithing but it was hilarious when we told him that we go two meals without food on the first sunday of the month. He was so surprised! haha and when we committed him to fasting on sunday he said yes but he might have to bring a bag of tortillas to eat after church! hahahaha #onlymexicans #spanishmissionaryprobs 
The only thing that would be keeping him from getting baptized on the 20th is that there is a slight chance he has 2 wives..... hahaha its kind of a long story but he was married in mexico over 40 years ago and hasn't seen any of his 6 children since then (sad right??) and then he got married when he was in the states.. so yeah we are going to try and figure out that situation tonight! 
Also he couldn't come to church because someone stole his car! Poor guy!! He was praying the other night at the end of our lesson and I just had an overwhelming feeling that wow, he is a child of God. That probably sounds kind of weird but being a missionary has opened my eyes so much to the fact that we are all children of God, that no matter who we are, what our circumstances are, or what choices we are making or have made HEAVENLY FATHER LOVES US. Sure we all go through different things, no one is perfect, but when we take a minute and remember that we are all children of God things just kind of work out even if it wasn't the way you planned.

Did you watch the Christmas devotional on sunday?? IT WAS SO GOOD. I loved the focus on the importance of the christmas story and Christ's family. Just everything about it was great! 

Something that has been super cool these past couple of weeks is the sharing of the He is the Gift video! We try to watch it with as many people as possible. The spirit that it brings is incredible. We went over to a member of the branch's house last night to pick up some food that she made us and we watched it with her and then her son in law came over who isn't a member and doesnt speak spanish but she wanted to watch it with him too so we watched it with him in english! If you haven't watched it, do it. And if you have watched it, watch it again! haha 

Thank you so much for all you do. I am so beyond blessed to have such incredible friends and family! :) 

Les quiero muchisimo
hermana wortley

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