Tuesday, November 25, 2014

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Hi everyone!!

Wow it was a week full of spiritually uplifting meetings! Yay for stake conference, the spanish conference and zone conference!! Stake conference was on saturday night and Sunday and the member of the 70 that spoke was Elder Arnold and his wife. THEY ARE AWESOME. I loved it because it seemed that one of the main themes was missionary work and getting the members involved. They talked a lot about how easy it is to start a gospel conversation with people everywhere you go. Its something we do every day as missionaries but as members it can be kind of scary or intimidating to bring up the gospel... but as Elder Arnold said "fear is the opposite of faith." The gospel brings so much joy and happiness into our lives that there should be nothing stopping us from sharing it with those who aren't a part of the church! Elder and Sister Arnold both gave a bunch of examples and stories of how they turned conversations about random things like quesadillas or dirt into a gospel conversation! It was so great and I think it really got the members fired up about sharing the gospel with their friends! 
They showed a mormon message called "I'll go where you want me to go" which just shows how easy it is to do acts or service with a missionary mindset, I recommend looking it up!! 
Also Jesus came to stake conference and he LOVED it. He totally started crying because he said everything they said was just so beautiful. what a gem.

The Spanish conference was all the way in Pasco which is really only like an hour and a half away haha but it felt super long because I drove. All of the Spanish branches and stakes from the south side of Washington, and all of the Spanish missionaries were there from the south part of the mission so I got to see Hermana Mohun!! It was so fun to see her! The conference was with Elder Arnold and Sister Arnold again and it was pretty much the same as the stake conference about missionary work which was awesome!! They did do a couple of really neat things that I want to invite all of you to do. They passed around a piece of paper to everyone and had them write down all of the nonmember and less active people that they know. then they said you can either give it to the missionaries if you feel comfortable, or take the list and pray for each of those people. Pray for them that you can find a way to help them, and pray for opportunities to share the gospel with them. How powerful is that?! so that is your challenge for this week! And I expect to hear stories of miracles that happen :) 

Zone conference yesterday was in Richland so we had to drive about an hour and a half again to get down there. It was also with Elder and Sister Arnold!! It was incredible. Our mission has so many things that we are trying to work on and improve so that we can create a culture of high expectations and personal righteousness. Sister Arnold emphasized the importance of us as members of the church, that "our voices are important because we know spiritual truths." Ah I wish I could have just recorded all of the meetings we had and sent them to you because it was like a mini general conference haha. 

I AM SO PUMPED about the new video that the church is launching on thanksgiving!! it is called He is the Gift. and it is SO GOOD. so thanksgiving day you will have to look it up!! We were laughing yesterday because we got to see meet the mormons before it came out and we got to see He is the Gift before it comes out and we were like missionaries are like VIPs for the church projects haha. I guess its only funny if you are a missionary hahaha 

anyways I hope all of you have an amazing thanksgiving! Don't eat too much... LOVE YOU ALL.

oh my... I can't believe Katelyn comes home tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are a rockstar hermana st. john. 

con mucho amor
hermana wortley

pic#1 the crew that drove down to richland together yesterday! 

pic#2 one of THE funniest people I have ever met.. sister faulkner! I cry of laughter every time I am with her.

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