Monday, November 10, 2014

I bet none of you made Christmas tutus last week


It was a week of miracles!!!!

Ok one of the best things ever happened... Lisa and Mario came to church! I don't know if you remember me talking about Lisa like forever ago when I first got to this area, but anyways she is great. We decided to try by her a couple of weeks back and she was so excited to see us! She told us that her and Mario (her fiance) wanted to come to church and that they were going to make time to come, but last week they didn't come and we were pretty disappointed. We also tried by them a bunch of times this week and no one was ever home so we figured we might have to give them some time before we could go back since no progress was being made. BUT church was just about to start and we were super excited because Jesus came for the 3rd time (more about him later :)) and then all of the sudden we get a text from lisa saying that they were lost... So we hurried and called her and she said that her and mario were on their way to church but they got lost, so we ran to the car (literally we ran and it was probably hilarious) so we could go find them! We found them and got back to the church just as they were singing the opening hymn!! THEY CAME TO CHURCH. Ok it was the best thing ever. There is nothing better than seeing someone you love start to make changes in their lives for the better. Sunday school was a pretty intense lesson on the plan of salvation, but they seemed to really like it! 

Also good news about Jesus.... really good news!! He is working towards the 29th for his baptism! We are so excited for him. It was so awesome because we went over Saturday to kind of go over with him again the importance of the restored gospel and priesthood, because he has been baptized before in another church and we wanted to make sure he understood it, and he is just so willing to make these changes in his life!! He is a miracle. He also said the BEST prayer at the end of the lesson about how happy he is to be learning about the church and that we care so much about him. Ah he is so ready... and he also told us after church yesterday that he was going to start inviting his friends to church! He is already doing missionary work and he isn't even a member (yet)!! 

I think something that has really helped us this week to keep focused is recognizing these miracles as blessings for our diligence. This area has been pretty rough and it has been hard to find people that will keep their commitments, but despite all that, we haven't stopped trying. It just goes to show that in order for us to recognize the Lord's hand in our lives we need to show him that we want his help, that we NEED his help in everything that we do! Wow the Lord is a miracle worker and I feel so blessed to be even just a small part in this incredible work!!

Something Hermana Bailey and I have started doing this week is writing down things we are grateful for. We got a big piece of paper and wrote, "Estamos Agradecidos" on the top (we are grateful) and every time we walk by the paper or think of something, we write it! We are so blessed and have so much to be grateful but it really makes you recognize those blessings as you write it out and think about them! 

As for the title of my email... yes we made Christmas tutus this week! hahaha we started going over to an assisted living place twice a week to do service aka do crafts with them and play the piano for them and help/get to know them! Old people are the best. We also started eating with the English wards in our area this week because of the new rule of only one companionship per dinner. The branch doesn't have enough members to feed 4 companionships every night so the english wards in the area offered to feed us on the days where we don't eat with the branch! At first it was kind of weird being with English members haha but it was also SO FUN! And you're never going to guess who we ate with on Saturday.... some Featherstones (yes they are Hannahs cousins)!! It was so fun and a tender mercy to run into some fellow Utahnzzz :)

Well this is the last week of the transfer so I may find out that I am leaving this area but WOW did this transfer go by fast!! I am so excited for this week, this is my favorite area that I have been in (and only one haha) :) I hope you all have a fantaby week!! I LOVE YOU

con mucho amor
hermana wortley

#1 dinner with the Featherstones!!
#2 the many apples of washington

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