Tuesday, June 24, 2014

HOLA peeps


ok I wish I had some crazy stories to tell like last week... but nothing too exciting happened! But things are still great here in the ccm. I can´t really remember what I have told you about the ccm so I will just tell you a few of my favorite things... LA TIENDA, which is the little store they have on campus (because we cant leave (which is why some people refer to it as prison)) but anyway the tienda is so hilarious. they just have way random stuff and they give us 120.00 pesos every week to spend at the tienda so we go as much as we can haha. I am pretty sure that we are sugar deprived here so its very convenient that the tienda has candy. I got an adorable el libro de mormon keychain and I may get some other goodies before I leave which is coming up SOON... 

we are starting our 4th week tomorrow can you even believe it?! My companera and I were laughing the other day because we were like we do three things here at the ccm... study, eat, and study (no I didnt add sleep because every time we go to sleep we wake up one second later so I´m not going to count sleep haha). but its so fun and ah I wish everyone could come here just to feel how incredible the spirit is here. its great. 

Have I mentioned how much I love our teachers? probably because they are ADORABLE no joke and SO FUNNY we were seriously blessed with the best teachers ever. It was hilarious the other day we were trying to get hermano soto to say hashtag and he could not say it for the life of him and we were like say "hash brown" and he said it perfectly so we said "say hashtag" and he goes "shash tie" hahaha seriously too die for! 

Ok so every wednesday we do service for a couple hours just doing random stuff around campus and by random  I MEAN RANDOM this week we got brooms and sweeped all the walls of the buildings??? hahaha yeah it was so random and they didn´t look any different when we were done... but like Sister Hinckley said "first obey, then understand" am I right? 

One of my favorite things that we did this week was TRC (which is where you teach volunteers who are sometimes members and sometimes investigators but you just knock on doors in this building and get someone random) I was having a really hard day because I felt like I didn´t know any spanish and I was feeling super discouraged but hermana johnson and I prepared a lesson about the restoration for TRC and we felt pretty good about it. But right when we walked into the room, I knew that we weren´t supposed to teach that lesson and that Cherry (the member we were teaching) needed to hear something else. So we got asking about her family (all in spanish by the way no ENGLES) and her job and found out that she was having a really hard time with her job and making a decision that could affect her job.  So I read in alma 7:11-13 some PERFECT scriptures about the atonement and how Christ knows exactly what ALL OF US are going through.  I poured my heart out to her and we were both crying. I was able to bear my testimony to her in spanish without struggling for the words and then my companion bore testimony of prayer and that if she prayed with a sincere heart about her decision that she had to make that Heavenly Father would listen to her and help her feel peace with whatever choice she ended up making. It was so cool and I gained such a strong testimony of how the spirit testifies to us as we teach.  Because its not us that touch the hearts of those we teach its the Espiritu Santo (Holy Ghost) and if we realize that, and do our part to prepare, the Spirit will do the rest. 

Did I tell you about sunday nights? we get to watch a movie every sunday night! which is super exciting even if they are all church movies.. we watched the testaments (I think thats what its called) and it was so funny because there was laughing and gasping from all the missionaries when there was kind of a little "romance story" 

oh and I talked in church on sunday! They make everyone in the zone write a talk and then on sunday they just randomly call people up to speak and lucky me I got to speak haha. I spoke on the atonement and I would love to send you guys my talk but it is in spanish... so maybe I will translate it for you peeps but maybe you´ll just have to learn spanish if you want to read it. 

guys I have a new best friend... my dictionary. 

TODAY HAS BEEN SUCH A GOOD DAY. We got to go to the temple!! well the temple is closed... so we got to go to the visitors center!! but wow it was our first time leaving the ccm in almost 4 weeks so it was crazy exciting for all of us hahaha. It was so fun driving there and actually seeing mexico city. But yeah the temple is gorgeous and so is the visitors center. We watched a movie while we were there about the plan of salvation and it was SO GOOD there wasn´t a dry face in the room. So if you guys get the chance you should go to the visitors center and watch it! 

I do have one request this week.... pray for me to have patience...... there is this elder in our district that has been STRESSING me and hermana johnson out with his laziness in learning the language and he is the district leader so yeah pretty stressful when youre trying to learn a new language and it sort of feels like he is purposely holding back the class haha. but prayers are always welcome! 

I am pretty sure I have gained at least 600 pounds while being here at the ccm (no exaggeration (jk)) but for reals they feed us so much and I am a sucker for the chile verde enchiladas SO GOOD. but lucky for me they have cereal every morning Zucharitas (frosted flakes) and froot loops! 

Oh guess what? Hermana Johnson and I are singing with another district in our zone at the devotional this coming sunday! we are singing I know that my redeemer lives but in espanol of course. It is beautiful. If you have computer access you should look it up in spanish im obsessed. 

Every monday night we have FHE with our zone and we play signs hahaha. it is so crazy and funny because everyone gets so into it. 

ok Im sorry I didn´t have any crazy stories this week! I will try and make something crazy happen this week so my email will be more interesting. I

 LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH and I love this gospel with all my heart. Thanks so much all of you for your examples and for being my family/friends you´re all amazing :)

todos mi amor
hermana wortley

(feel free to send my emails to anyone who wants to read them but make sure to warn them about how weird they are first haha)
oh and send me more pictures I love seeing all of your beautiful faces.´

these were taken today at the visitors center/temple!

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