Tuesday, June 17, 2014


HOLA again from sunny or not so sunny mexico!! 


First off happy fathers day pops you rock. 

Ok ah I will try to write as much as I can but to be honest we do the same thing every day anyways so sorry if it sounds repetitive. 

Ok so BIG NEWS everyone is always talking about how amazing tuesdays are because its pizza day and we have a live broadcast devotional from provo so we were super pumped and it was also our P(party)day jk we dont party. but anyways we get to the lunchroom and quess where the pizza was from....... COSTCO. so yeah I guess you could say it was the best day ever a little piece of btown. 

and that night it was CRAZY (I do all caps for emphasis) we were in the auditorium which has these doors at the bottom and during the devotional it started POURING no joke it was raining so hard and then the people on the first four rows of the auditorium had to move because there was a river im not even exaggerating RIVER going through the auditorium hahaha it was so hard to pay attention to the speaker because we were busy watching people try to get the water out of the building. so that was exciting. 

Ok wednesday hna. johnson and I fasted for our investigator and for our spanish because spanish is hard and its hard to teach someone when you cant talk to them. but our lesson with gabriel went good and "we committed him to baptism" I put that in quotations because "gabriel" aka hermano tapia is now our afternoon teacher (I like to call him hno. tapioca)!! haha so that was hilarious when we found that out. he is so funny though and he always says HOla like a gingo and como ESTAR its so funny. We love our district and our teachers so things are good. 

Last night we went to a devotional and it was an old one from january of 2013 by elder holland and it was amazing! I seriously reccommend that you all look it up. It really hit me about how lucky we are to be living in this dispensation and to have missionary work moving forward in full force. Watch it and let me know what you think! there were a couple of things he said that really made me think about a few family members of ours (cough cough the strombergs) and how Elder holland doesn´t understand how returned missionaries can become innactive WOW. sorry just a side note but it was super powerful. 

Oh Sam merrill came to the ccm this week! I saw him like one second after he got here and it was so good to see a familiar face! I went up to him yesterday to see how he was doing because that first week FULL of meetings was brutal. but yeah its fun to have someone from BTOWN here. I also met kanelas boyfriend! he is adorable and we took a pic together so we could send it to kanela. 

Ok now for the BEST STORY EVER. So last night aka this morning the carbon monoxide beeper went off at like 3am and I was like eh whatevs I am exhausted so I just fell back asleep and then like 20 minutes later the girls from the room next door were like you need to get up and grab a pillow and blanket we are moving houses. HAHA WHAT yes so we got up and I could not decide if I was sleeping or not so I grab a blanket and clip on my nametag and we go out front of our casa, its also raining, and we all get in this big white van HAHA yeah a bunch of girls got in a big white van in the middle of the night oh my I was so out of it, and we drove like two seconds away to another casa and we got into empty rooms to try and go back to sleep. 
but unfortunately I didn´t fall asleep for like an hour and we had to be up at 6¨´30 so yeah and then we woke up and walked back to our casa to get dressed and the alarm was still going off so we just got dressed really quick and went to do personal study in our classrooms. and its PDAY so after breakfast hna. johnson and I went to the reception of help desk and were like hey our alarm is going off are we ok to go back to our house and do laundry or what? so we ended up going back and cleaned the house and cleaned the bathroom of the girls next to us because we felt like it haha and some peeople came to fix it. 
so turns out we did have some kind of leak coming from the laundry room or something but they took care of it and the also took care of the beeping alarm by removing it HAHAHA #classicmexico anyways it was quite the eventful night and SO FUNNY. 

Im sorry if I sound like a total weirdo.. which you already know I am.. but I promise I am learning and studying A TON. its so great being here and trying to learn as much as I can about the gospel and how to hablo spanish! I made probably 600 flashcards this week with words that I thought I might need to know haha so pretty much the whole language.. my district was laughing at me but hey who is going to be laughing when I am speaking spanish and they arent! 

I love you all so much thank you for being so great and supportive and fabulous and wonderful. 

oh super random but there is this elder here that looks exactly like carson kuhn!! every time I see him he probably wonders why I stare at him hahaha no joke he could be his twin. 

hermana wortley

the first pic was taken today of me and hna. johnson and the second was the other day or last pday I don´t remember of our district!

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