Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 10, 2014


Oh my it is so weird that it has been a week already!! but I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. seriously the ccm (mtc) is the best place ever (after bountiful of course) but 4 realz everyone is so nice and we are all in the same boat trying to learn spanish and what not but yeah things are good here in mexico. 

Ok i only have like 45 minutes left porque so many of you wrote me THANK YOU!!! you made me cry of happiness because i love you all so much anyway.. so I will write as much as I can!! starting at the airport, good news there were like 25 people that flew with me all the way to mexico so that was super fun and we took a pic of all of us so hopefully i can find out whose camera that was taken on LOL. but funny story there was this hermana who was trying to joke about us all chewing gum at the airport and how its against the rules but i could tell she was really concerned hahaha me and a few other girls were laughing because we weren´t even at the mtc yet so I thought that was funny.. also i saw the tiniest person ever at the airport no joke ive never seen anyone tinier. 

skip to the ccm... it was crazy driving here because mexico city is so run down and there is graffiti everywhere but right when you pull into the gates of the ccm it is BEAUTIFUL.. leave it to the church am i right? 

I live in a  casa that has a  living room, laundry room, and 5 rooms with 4 people to a room and each has there own bathroom which is nice, but last night we had 3 rooms full of people leave so thats 3 more bathrooms YAY at least for tonight because there will be about 80 more people each week for the rest of the summer! 

ok my companion..... she is hilariousssssss we LOL all the time and get along so well! she reminds me of you katelyn! and her voice reminds me of the main girl on my big fat greek wedding haha but yeah i have been blessed with an awesome companera! oh and she is from pittsberg (spelling errorrr) (this keyboard is en espanol so yeah oops and no autocorrect) 

Ok on to acutal missionary stuff.. I have definitely realized how missionaries become so close with the Lord because prayer is a refuge. I have been having an awesome time so far but it is hard not being able to speak the language and also being away from you peeps. I wanted to call you guys and tell you all about the ccm but oh wait you cant do that... LOL so I knelt in prayer and thanked my father in Heaven for the opportunity that I have to be a missionary and prayed for you guys and my progression as a missionary. 

Ok I LOVE our teacher, oh and my district. Our teachers name is hermano soto and he is adorable and so funny/sweet and he showed us pictures of his fiance and she is so cute so yeah we are obsessed with them. too bad he gets married a few days after we leave so we will miss the wedding haha.. not that we would be able to go anyways. but yeah last week was pretty much non stop orientations and meeting so it has been good to start our acutal rutine (another spelling error??) 

sorry if this email is kind of all over the place it is only my first one so dont worry they will get better!! and yes trevor, sunday was the best day ever and things have started to pick up. 

ok crazy but we had our first investigator on friday... IN ESPANOL and no i don't speak espanol so it was scary! but it actually went pretty well and he was extremely patient with us! 

THANK you paige and mom for hiding notes in my luggage it was a pleasant surprise to say the least and loved them both! I mailed you guys a family letter today so you'll have to let me know when you get it! 

ok ready for the funniest thing ever?? at least its funny to me and my companera.. we were in our second lesson with gabriel our investigator and things went pretty well except I pretty much read off my notes the whole time because once again no hablo yet haha (but we are practicing¡¡) anyways.. hna. johnson asked gabriel if he would be baptized and then she leaned over to me and said "I just went for it" in english, and for some reason I dont know whether it was actually super funny or if I was just extremely sleep deprived but I started laughing my head off and not just any laugh, the kind where you cant stop... 4 realz CANT STOP I am laughing right now and it was like 3 days ago! anyways It was super funny... oh and so awesome they have a pb and j and nutella sandwich bar at breakfast and dinner just in case you dont like the food which I have had to have a sandwich a few times haha but the food it pretty good! paige it kind of reminds me of costa rica food but not as good. 

SUNDAY was amazing we had an awesome devotional and we got to watch the john tanner movie and a movie about christ (BOTH IN ENGLISH (imagine a clapping emoji)) 

ok now about my district! there are 8 of us, 6 of which are going to Kennewick with me!! so that will be fun! but hna. johnson is going to pheonix. the oldest is 26 and the youngest just barely turned 18 so it is a super diverse group but we get along really well and one of the elders in my district likes parks and rec so #tendermercy 

yesterday We commited our first investigator gabriel to baptism which is a miracle since Im sure he had no idea what we were saying half the time. and we are almost positive he is already a member hahaha but there were some girls who came the same day as us who got a real investigator once again #tendermercy that we weren´t them. 

but yes the first week was good and I love being here. I know that I have a lot of work to do with my espanol ( and its hard because they gave us like 20 books to learn spanish and kind of expect us to teach ourselves #classicmexico) but I am honestly so happy to be serving the Lord even if I am not even in the field yet. oh and sad news for me.. the mexico temple is under construction so we wont be able to go :( but at least we still get to go to the visitors center! 

I love you all so much and am so grateful for all that you do for me and have done for me 

hermana wortley

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