Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Hola familia!!

I made it to mexico and it is seriously SO beautiful!! it is the biggest mtc in the world and we have only been here about an hour and I already love it. Everyone is so nice. Don´t worry I slept a little bit on the plane so I am not too tired and also good news we had orientation and they are giving us the rest of the day to get settled and we can go to bed whenever we want! haha My companion isn´t here yet so me and a few other girls are just going to explore a little bit until our companeras get here. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH (sorry trevor and cortney and rusty i don´t know your emails) My P day is on tuesday so thats when I will email! tell boom boom i love him and that he is adorable. I will write you more next week about house casas because I haven´t seen them yet! but they sound awesome!!  

love you 4 realzzzzzzzz

hermana wortley :)

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