Tuesday, July 1, 2014

hola peeps


this has been an interesting week... there have been some super awesome moments and some super "crappy" (literally I was sick this week (TMI?)) but yeah the good parts were great!! 

Ok so for one of my favorite parts.. we got latinas in our casa! THEY ARE THE BEST. I cant remember any of their names but no joke they are hilarious. It is hilarious because they stay up until like midnight and then they wake up at 5 because how crazy is this.. they are all going to mexico on their missions... english speaking! so we are helping them with their english and they are helping us with our spanish! 

I can´t remember which day it was because all the days run together here but one day last week was the 1 year anniversary of the ccm! so we had cake and enchiladas it was great. 

oh and surprise surprise we swept walls again for service day hahaha it seriously gets funnier every time. 

On thursday hna. johnson and I fasted both food and english... and if you dont know what an english fast is, it is when you only speak spanish. it was good because It helped us a ton to use the spanish the we know but it was also hard not to use english. 

I dont know if I have told you about our "investigators" but we are teaching juan jose and josue (our teachers) it is so fun to teach them and to practice (because boy do we need it) 

Ok I wish you could meet hna. johnson she is SO funny. I am always laughing and our awkwardness goes so well together haha. 

On saturday our day started out hilarious, one of our latinas (from costa rica) came into our room with just a towel on, wanting to get in our shower so she went in the bathroom, turned on the shower and then left and we were super confused, but she came back with soap, and then she left again and came back with clothes, (the whole time she was rambling in spanish and the shower was running) hahaha and then after she showered she asked me to braid her hair. oh man she cracks me up. 

During gym the past few days we have played sand volleyball with our district and its super fun except i am horrible at volleyball and it is always raining so it was super cold.. but esta bien. 

SUNDAY was the best day ever. I love sundays because after a week of trying to learn spanish and teaching in spanish and learning the gospel in spanish, we get a day to just focus on our personal spiritual growth and to take a deep breath. but yeah church was great I got randomly called to say a prayer which I would way rather do than give a talk haha and I also taught sunday school. We have sunday school with our district and our district leader asked me last minute (literally one minute before) if I would teach so YOLO the lesson was on the restoration from preach my gospel chapter 4. It went really well and people told me it was good so thats a blessing, with the whole not having time to prepare haha. 

We also sang in the devotional!! IT WAS AMAZING. the spirit was so strong and it was so fun to share our testimonies through song. One of the members in the presidency liked it so much he recorded it and is going to send it to our families! I wrote your email down mom so feel free to share it when you get it! 

For our sunday night movie we watched How Rare A Possession, which is a movie about the book of mormon and how we need to take advantage of what we have and read, and re-read and search the book of mormon with full purpose of heart. It was definitely a good reminder about how important the book of mormon is. 

Ok now for my favorite part of the week.. we had THE BEST devotional ever. It was a re-run from a few christmas´s ago by Elder Bednar. It was honestly one of my most favorite talks I have ever heard. He talked specifically about how we need to turn away from the natural man and turn outward in service and compassion for others because no matter what Christ was going through He ALWAYS turned outward to help others. You should for shizzle look this one up.. im sure if you type in elder bednar cookie monster talk you will find it, you wont regret it! 

THE RAIN is insane. It has been nonstop raining for the past at least 5 days, sometimes it is raining SUPER hard and other times it is just sprinkling but yeah its always raining. 

This is super random but I will tell you anyways, have you ever heard that the mtc is kind of like the hunger games? well you will hear now because I am going to tell you. this place is pretty much the hunger games... let me explain.. EVERY DAY we hear at least 5 or 6 sounds outside of the ccm that sound like cannons going off and our teachers have told us that its fireworks, but there is no way people do fireworks that much, and I am convinced that they are gun shots (we are in mexico right?) hahaha, anyways so theres the whole ¨cannon¨ thing then the district thing, and ours is district 12 so that reminds me even more of the hunger games, and people leave every week so its kind of like they die (not creepy at all) and all of the ccm is within a giant fence and who knows what is going on outside that fence?! and we go in two´s everywhere... see what I mean??? I am living in the hunger games. 

Ok I am starting my 5th week this week!!!!! WTH (what the heck) but yeah so crazy. I can already see that the mission is blessing my life and I can feel it changing me for the better (I hope) I am still my weird crazy self but I am definitely recognizing how important our lives are here on earth and how important they are to the Lord. I know now more than ever that the Lord knows me and is watching our for me and is watching out for all of you!! I love being a missionary and its going to be so great when I get to washington!! I love you all so much and I pray for each and every one of you everyday!!!

here are a few quotes that I loved from this week:
"strive for the mind and character of Christ"
"Our conversion to the gospel is our actual knowledge that our actions are in line with Christ´s teachings"
"the strength of Christ is promised to everyone who is pressing forward and seeking Christ"

hermana wortley :)

sorry we didn´t take any pics this week so here is a selfie as I write this email LOL

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