Monday, July 14, 2014

voy a washington!!!!!!!!!!!!?

HOLA my favorite people ever!!

This week was good! It was a little bit stressful because we were trying to learn as much as we could in our last week! YES.. last week. Can you believe I leave for washington tomorrow?? Its going to be THE BEST. I am super nervous/excited/every emotion known to man, but I cant wait to wholeheartedly serve the Lord. 

I was terrible at writing in my journal this week so I am sorry this may be super boring and I will totally understand if you want to stop reading now. 

Guess what was my favorite part of this week? you got it.... TRC. Our lesson was great but after was actually my favorite part. There were two real investigators that came and once everyone was done teaching we all got together in a room and sang I need thee every hour (en espaƱol of course) and the spirit was so strong. It was amazing! and we also got to see blanca and marianna the adorable girls we taught last week. 

Thursday night we got another district in our zone. And guess who is in it? Elder Anderson from Bountiful! Emma is probably the only one that knows him but emma, Elder Anderson AKA Bill says HI! 

Its so fun being sister training leaders because we get to know the other districts really well! Friday was hermana johnsons birthday and also our in field training. It was a SUPER long day, but not too bad because we are all getting excited to leave. Hna. Johnson and I taught two elders in our district on saturday and it was cool because they just acted like themselves and we taught according to their needs. Hna. Johnson shared a really great scripture in John 8:29 and it is such a good scripture especially for when you are having a hard time/ when you are a missionary. 

Also on saturday we did our interviews as sister training leaders and usually all the girls are like oh Im doing great, I love it hear... blah blah blah, but this week was a little different. One of the sisters who just got here was (and still may be) seriously considering going home. So that was something new... We did a zone fast for her and have been doing all we can to help her feel comfortable and ready to serve. so we will see (or not since we are leaving haha) what happens. 

Sunday was a great day. Our district sang Israel Israel God is Calling in sacrament meeting and at the end of the night they did a slide show of all the districts that leave this week and it was adorable. 

Today has been good. We got all packed during breakfast and ready to go, and then it was back to work. It was sad saying bye to our teachers because we love them so much. but we are off to bigger and better things! I CANT WAIT TO GET TO WASHINGTON!!!!!!!!!!! next week I will be writing from the field SAY WHAAAAAAAAT!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you all so much and cant thank you enough for all the love and support you have given me!!

"we need to have the power of the word within us"

mucho amor

hermana wortley

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