Tuesday, July 8, 2014

no longer a teenager SAY WHATTT?


Ah I can´t believe I leave for washington in less than a week!! (I leave for the airport at 3am next tuesday) but yeah anyways some of the other people who got here the same time as us have mentioned that it kind of feels like they have senioritis because it feels like we have been here forever and now that we are leaving we just want to get out of here haha. but don´t worry I am still working hard and studying my little brain off. 

Last pday was super fun because hna. johnson and I were in a trio because the district above us left and she had a later flight so it was way fun! she was from lehi and she knows kenzie weeks, one of the girls I went to africa with so that was cool too! 

drum roll please... hermana johnson and I got made the sister training leaders this past week for district 12! Its not a huge responsibility but hey its still a calling! haha because elders aren´t allowed to interview sisters individually, the sister training leaders get to do the interviews and we just check up on them and make sure they are doing good. It is actually super fun and we have gotten to know the girls so well! 

we have 3 districts in our zone right now and there are 8 girls but we get a new district this week that will have 4 more girls and 8 more elders. the ccm is GROWING LIKE CRAZY. the group that I came in with was a group of about 85 and now groups are coming in with at least 200.. so you can imagine how crazy the comedor is. 

Ok usually my favorite part of every week is TRC and what do you know... this week it was TRC.. we taught 2 seventeen year old girls who are both members, Blanca and Marianna.  THEY ARE ADORABLE. ok no joke they have the strongest testimonies ever and they both spoke super fast haha but we were able to understand them (the girft of tongues is real folks) ahh but honestly the spirit was so strong as we talked with them about the difference between testimony and conversion. They strengthened my testimony by how amazing they are. They gave us a huge hug after and gave us their emails so we are excited to email them! 

The 4th of july was so much fun!! I think about 95% of the american girls were wearing red white and blue and they did a super american lunch with apple pie and everything and they put out red white and blue tablecloths. oh and during lunch we all stood up and sang the national anthem! haha oh the joys of being american. gotta love it. It was so cute though how the people working here put so much thought and effort into making sure we had a good fourth of july. 

So every saturday we have book of mormon discussion and hna. johnson and I taught it this week. we chose to talk about mosiah 5 and it was great! lets be real though... every chapter in the BofM is great. It was kind of weird because mexico starts their fast (and probably other south american places) right after lunch on saturday and then go until right before lunch on sunday so that was something new! haha it was funny because instead of going to dinner on saturday since we were fasting, our zone just got together and played signs.. oh the life of a missionary. 

I don´t think I ever wrote about this but there is some sickness going around (I think I got it last week) but so many people are getting sick and so they have banned any contact for the next little while.. which means no handshakes (because thats all the contact you have as a missionary anyways hahahaha) 

My birthday was GREAT!! thank you all for the birthday wishes and what not! Oh and the package was AWESOME! My companion wrote me an adorable note and got me some candy from the tienda and one of the latinas (the crazy one that likes to shower in our room) came running in our room on sunday morning (in her garments haha) with a note and some candy saying "happy birfday you are supa cute" she is the best. and the a couple of the girls in our zone made me a card too!! so that was adorable. but the most adorable thing was, so every night we get together as a zone and sing a hymn together and pray together and for some reason hna. johnson and I were the last ones there but right when we got there they all started singing feliz cumpleaños so yeah that was so sweet of them! 

Sacrament meeting was soooo good. It was fast and testimony meeting (in spanish of course) and it was great to hear so many testimonies and the spirit was so strong. I bore my testimony... and guess what?! I didn´t use any notes or anything, guys the spanish is coming.. slowly.. but its coming!!! 

Our sunday night movie was the joseph smith restoration movie which is a classic LOVE IT. 

Yesterday was kind of an off day.. let me explain.. it started off great because we took pictures with all of the people that came in on June 4th for the slide show this sunday (our last sunday) and we had a great lesson with juan jose, about tithing and fasting.. but now are you ready for the awkward thing.. our district leader called hermana johnson out because she was taking pictures and you can´t take pictures unless its pday and so he just said I think since you guys are sister training leaders you need to set better examples for the new people and you need to be more obedient... ok I kind of agreed with him that she shouldn´t have been taking pictures but he is always goofing around (and he is 26) so it was super weird for him to call her out when he never does his class work or anything but anyways hna. johnson did not like that AT ALL and she told him off big time and it was so awkward I wanted to die haha. she was HEATED and me and the district leaders companion were just dying of awkwardness in the background, and then after she wanted me to side with her but I was just in the most uncomfortable situation ever because I didn´t want to side with anyone so I just talked my way through how I could see where he was coming from but that I could also see where she was coming from... this was like right before dinner so the rest of the night was so AWKWARD hahaha and it was the worst because I couldn´t talk to anyone about it because I am always with my companion.. oh geeze haha anyways I am just glad there is less than a week left because there is some serious tension in our class now... but on to a happier note!! 

Hermana johnson and I threw ourselves a birthday party today since her birthday is on friday and mine was sunday. We made some adorable decorations and got some snacks from the tienda, and made up some games. We invited all the girls in our zone, our house, and just some girls that we always sit with at meals. It was super adorable and way fun/funny. so that was good! 

I AM SO EXCITED TO GO TO WASHINGTON. I am not sure how good my spanish will be but I could not be more ready to peace out of the ccm. I already feel like I have grown so much since being here and not just the spanish side of things.. I have a much stronger testimony of Jesus Christ and the atonement, and the gospel and all things churchy. We are SO blessed, we really are.

some powerful quotes from Elder Hollands devotional sunday:
"Your investigators DESERVE someone who studies and knows the gospel with their whole heart"
"You cannot be what you have to be and say what you have to say unless you LOVE HIM (Jesus Christ)"
"the spirit is the key and ultimate ingredient"

I LOVE YOU ALL. Have a great week!!!!!
hermana wortley

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