Monday, May 4, 2015

tengo gozo en la obra


It was a great week! We had a bunch of appointments fall through because of the apple blossom festival, did I mention that Wenatchee is the apple capitol of the world?? Well anyways every year they have a huge apple blossom festival with a carnival and parades and all kinds of other stuff, so pretty much all of the people we are teaching and less actives and just about everyone in wenatchee was at the festival! Fun for them, not so much fun for us hahaha. But we still managed to talk to a bunch of people and see some miracles! 

This week at district council we had a really sweet training on new ways to find people. Because everyone knows the good ol way of tracting but although it may be efficient a lot of the time, there are so many other ways to find people! We are working on coming up with some new ideas (if you have any cool ideas that you have done or heard about feel free to send them to me) and one of the ideas we decided to do as the missionaries together in the spanish group was to have a movie night on saturday! We are going to watch a church movie and invite EVERYONE. We are pretty excited about it. 

This week I read Believing Christ, and really pondered how I can help my companion. A couple of quotes that really stood out to me were, "We're not trying to reach God and touch his heart with our sacrifices, rather God is trying to reach us and touch our hearts with his infinite sacrifice" and "God loves us not because we're so lovable he can't help himself- he loves us because his nature is loving, because God is love" Heavenly Father is SO MERCIFUL, we really need his help and support in everything that we do.... but he is not going to help us unless we are open to receiving his help. My companion ​still doesn't trust me and is extremely homesick... BUT its not stopping me from finding joy in the work because I am here for Christ and the people, the Lord is pushing me, but he wouldn't give me this trial unless he knew I could handle it! 

I had a cool experience yesterday at church! We were in relief society and everyone was sitting in a circle and people were sharing experiences about how they have had moments of spiritual uplifting or received spiritual light in their lives. One of the sisters raised her hand and shared this experience, she said, I have been having a really hard time these past couple of weeks, I have been stressed at work and I feel like my burden is heavy.. but today I was sitting in sacrament meeting and I was sitting next to the sister missionaries (me) and as they passed the sacrament I was reflecting on my life right now and how much I have been struggling and the spirit told me to look next to me and sister wortley was reading the scriptures, the page that she was reading was exactly what I needed and I knew that Christ was there to help lift my burden..... It was such a cool experience for me, I had no idea that what I was reading would be such a blessing to the sister next to me. I wasn't sure why I was reading that chapter but now I know that it was for her. 

Yesterday we saw pretty cool miracles! We were out talking to people and we get a call from our zone leaders and they asked us how many people we were going to find in the rest of the night, it was 8:30pm!! Without hesitation I said 2. haha and my companion looked at me like I was crazy (because everyone seemed to be at apple blossom haha) but I said I believe we can find 2 people tonight! We knocked like 10 doors in an apartment complex and couldn't find anyone to teach... at this point it is 8:50 just about time to go home... we just stopped for a minute to figure out where the spirit was telling us to go. I could feel the spirit but I wasn't quite sure where it was telling me to go.. and almost simultaneously h. marble and I said we should cross the street. So we cross the street and there is this big apartment complex but we decided to knock the little house next to it... and we knocked like 4 times and no one answered, but h.marble dang the doorbell and we immediately heard someone running to the door! They answered and it was the coolest family ever! They told us that we could come back another day just a little bit earlier :) MILAGRO.

I am grateful to be here. I love missionary work with all my heart. Thank you for all your love and support!!!! I LOVE YOU MUCHO :)


con MUCHO amor 
hermana wortley

(hiking last pday :) )

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