Monday, August 4, 2014


Hey hey hey my favorite people in the world!!

This week has gone by SO FAST. Today is my official 2 months mark how crazy is that?! Time is so weird here in the mission. The days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days and yeah its super crazy! 

we had A TON of doors slammed in our faces this week so that was exciting (imagine me saying that in a sarcastic voice haha) Im not sure what it was about this week but people just did not want to listen to us or even talk to us, but I was surprised how I didn't really let it affect my desire to continue knocking and continue looking for people to teach. I had my moments, don't get me wrong, where I was so frustrated with all of these people for not even giving us a chance and I hate to admit it but I was also frustrated with my companion because I felt like she wasn't really that motivated to find new people. We just kept trying by the same potentials over and over again and it wasn't going anywhere so thats something we are going to work on this week is focus specifically on finding NEW, SOLID investigators and people that we can teach!! but we also had some SUPER AWESOME moments this week!! 

We had a miracle (milagro) the other day that was probably one of my favorite moments of my mission so far... So Im not sure if I mentioned that my companion doesnt have her license so YAY ME I get to drive! (which is a blast except for when she zones out and forgets to tell me where to drive hahaha) but anyways we were in Union Gap just about to head home after a lesson and so I was in the car and hermana mohun was going to back me out and all of the sudden some people walked by, it was two ladies and one of them had a baby. So hermana mohun decided to say hi and give them a pass along card and THEY INVITED US BACK for another day!! so a few days later we went over to the house and It was the mom Maria and her 3 daughters Cindy(11), Juana(9), Kathy(5) and the baby boy Cristiano (no idea how to spell that haha) but anyways they are THE CUTEST FAMILY EVERRRRRRRRRRR yes I did a million R's because they are just that cute. 

We taught them the restoration and it was SO good and maria had said that she had met with missionaries before and she went and got a couple of book of mormons that they had so that was great... and then we were going to invite them to be baptized and GUESS WHAT???? Maria and her husband are already members!!!!!!! hahahaha and they didnt even say anything to us!! But Cindy and Juana are eligible for baptism so our plan is to get them back to church and get them baptized! Maria and her husband were baptized about 6 years ago in topinish (no idea how to spell that) but when they moved they didnt know where the church was and they havent been active since. but yeah we are SUPER excited about them and for them that we can help them get back to church!! 

The other awesome thing that happened this week was our service day! on saturday we woke up at 4 and headed to the church because we were going to brewster (which is about 3 hours away) to help with clean up from all the fires that have been happening. We drove up with members and we got super lucky to be in this huge van with pretty much sofas for seats so we were able to sleep a little bit on the way up there. It was crazy to see how much damage the fires had done. All of the missionaries in that area have been doing nonstop service for these past few weeks. So we all met up at a church and they assigned different stakes to different areas. Our stake (the selah stake) ended up cleaning up the remains of 3 houses that got burned down. Our job was to gather all of the metal scraps and pretty much all the scraps in general and make piles and some of the people were piling up burned trees and what not. It was SO SAD to see how much damage these fires have caused especially in brewster. We worked from about 9 until 2 and then they sent us home. But it was awesome to see how many people gathered together, and how many church members were there to help with this cleanup. Even though it was not the best circumstances, it was such a great opportunity for us to serve and to show all these nonmembers how important it is in our church to serve others and to help others. We didnt care if they were members or nonmembers, we just wanted to help. It was a really good day of service and a good day to remember our missionary purpose! 

A few random things that happened this week that you may think are funny: so we eat dinner with members every night and you would think since they are all hispanic we would have mexican food or whatever right? well this week we had pizza 4 nights in a row hahahaha it was hilarious, but every time we have had mexican food it has been great! 

Also I ran into one of the actors from nacho libre.... not really but I swear he was one of the monks from nacho libre hahaha and we ran into him a couple of times. HE WAS HILARIOUS and i felt like I was in a movie when I was talking to him. 

This week hermana mohun and I also had the opportunity to help the donimquez family paint their apartment that they rent out, the people that were renting it left it a complete mess and weren't paying rent so they booted them out and decided to do fresh paint in the whole apartment for the new renter. So once again THANK YOU MOM for teaching me how to paint because my companion had no idea how but lucky me I have seen you paint a million times! haha 

Overall it was a good week! I am hoping with the new goals that we made to find new investigators and what not, that we will have more success this week! I love you all and hope that you have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(side note: its really easy to zone out when in church when its all in spanish hahaha so live up going to church in english)

con mucho amor
hermana wortley

pic #1 our district (and zone leaders) at the clean up day

pic #2 me and hermana mohun being awkward

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