Monday, August 18, 2014


hey how are ya?

This past week was VERY rough but I will start off with something awesome that happened!! I gave my first church tour! It was SO fun. I don't know if I have mentioned Lisa yet but she is one of our investigators (although we haven't taught her that much because she LOVES to talk haha) and she also brought her two nieces and mom to the church tour so that was pretty sweet. My favorite part of the tour was showing them the chapel because the chapel really is the most sacred part of the church and there is such a strong spirit there. We went in and had a minute or so of silence and then we explained to them the sacrament and how important those few minutes are that we have to remember the Savior as we partake of the sacrament. As we bore testimony of the sacrament and of Jesus Christ I know that the spirit was there and if anything it reaffirmed to me of the importance of the atonement in our lives. We asked them at the end how they felt and they said they definitely want to come to church so thats good! we are still trying to figure out if Lisa has real intent though... we know that she has a testimony of Christ but we are not sure if she is willing to take the next step.. so I will keep you updated on her! 

The past few weeks I have gotten so excited about the book of mormon! I am cruising through it and will finish soon but whats so great is that you can read and re-read and re-read and always find something new to learn! I have also been reading a lot in the christlike attributes chapter in preach my gospel which was a HUGE blessing that got me through this week... because it was quite the week.....
LITERALLY all of our appointments fell through and it would have been different if people would have called and cancelled or something but people were just not there and these were investigators, less actives and even active members that did this. I was seriously wondering if I had a sign on my forehead that said PLEASE AVOID US. hahaha its kind of laughable now how rough our week was but I am still alive and still excited about missionary work so thats a miracle in itself! 

To top off the trial of our faith week that we had... on friday morning hermana mohun filled our chevy cruise with diesel gas....................... (on accident of course haha) but yeah we didnt realize it until we got home to do weekly planning and went to leave for dinner and the car wouldn't start. I know enough about cars to know that it wasn't a dead battery and we checked the oil and it was full so we called the zone leaders and they came to see what was up... after about 30 minutes of trying to figure it out the spirit told me to ask hermana mohun what kind of gas she put in the car hahaha only to find out that it was diesel!!! And being that she doesnt drive, she didn't realize that diesel is only for diesel cars and not for any other kind of car! but anyways we spent about another hour trying to find a member that could help us or that knew anything about cars but just our luck... all the members that knew anything about cars were out of town... and the michells (who we live with) are also out of town, so we called the vehicle coordinator of the mission and we headed out walking so we could get some work done... its about 3 miles to get to the area that we had planned on tracting so yeah by the time we got there we could only knock about 2 houses before we had to head back. And hermana mohun was REALLY struggling with all the walking that we were doing so that was hard because it felt like we were moving in slow motion haha. 

The next day saturday we got up and started planning to figure out something with our car, they ended up sending a tow truck to our house and we rode over with them to the dealership and the english sisters in our area were SO NICE to come pick us up. 

But yeah they cant look at our car until wednesday so we have been walking since friday! Which is good for me because I have been wanting to work out more hahaha not so much for hermana mohun but she is getting better at keeping a quick pace!  

After a long week of working/walking/knocking/praying we made it through alive and ready to take on another week! 

Oh yeah I forgot that we asked a less active to drive us to church on sunday and they said "oh for sure we will be there at 10:15 to pick you up" 10:15 rolls around and no one shows up... 10:30.. 10:40 and no one is answering their phones hahaha so we learned that if you ask a less active to take you to church you should probably get an active member as a back up because we missed the first half hour of church waiting and no one ever showed up... but despite all the things that went wrong this week, we were able to end strong by finding a new family to teach!! The mom's name is Alma, the dads name is Alfonzo and they have two boys Diego and David. They are ADORABLE!! Alma said that she had gone to the LDS church before with her friends in Mexico but when they moved here she didn't know where one was or anything so they said they want to come on sunday! We also told them about the daily dose classes which are english classes every week and Alma said she wants to start coming!

I know that even though it was a rough week, that the Lord was and is always watching out for us. I feel like this past week has made me a stronger person spiritually (also physically with all of the walking haha) and I know that through endurance and diligence, miracles will come!!! 

Yay for making it to the last week of the transfer! 

love hermana wortley

pic #1 this is my district (we are all super awkward)

pic #2 yakima is the palm springs of washington????

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