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so I had some awesome things happen this week but first off I would just like to ask a question.. Is there a name for someone who pets every stray animal they see? I swear there is a title for that but I couldnt remember hahahaha anyways if there is please let me know so I can start calling my companion that! 

Things are good with me and my companion though! During companionship inventory this week she told me that I am helping her to be the missionary that she has wanted to be her whole mission (and she has been out a year)... so that was CRAZY! I didn't realize I was having such an impact on her by being organized and ready to work haha but yeah that was super cool. We have been working hard and dont get me wrong I still have my moments where I wonder what the heck she is doing haha but I am learning to focus on the positives! 

On tuesday we had zone meeting and it was SO GOOD. I have such a cool zone and its always fun to get together with a bunch of missionaries! 

On monday night of last week the zone leaders called me and asked if I would speak at the zone meeting and guess what the topic was?? learning to receive love from your companion..... my jaw dropped (like you know in the movie The Mask when his jaw literally drops to the ground) to the ground because receiving love from my companion was something that I was struggling with BIG TIME. Ever since being in the field I have been super independent and havent let my companion help me that much because I hate to say it but I thought I could do it by myself (which is NEVER true because we always need the help of the spirit).... but as usual, the Lord knew better that I needed to humble myself and accept the love my companion was trying to give me. It was a blessing to be able to talk in the zone meeting because if that talk helped anyone it sure helped me! 

And also I have been serving the crap out of my companion (making her bed, washing her clothes, making her breakfast) and our room is cleaner, the bathroom is cleaner, and it smells better because I have been cleaning like crazy so things are going better because we all know when things are clean, doing work is so much easier. I am such a nerd with how excited I am about the clean room hahahaha. 

On wednesday we had exchanges! I went to Yakima with Sister Gambles and Hermana Mohun stayed here with Hermana Wadsworth. It was interesting because sister gambles is an english sister so I didnt speak much spanish but it was also super fun and a really neat experience! I learned a lot from sister gambles and how I can be more bold in my teaching and in my inviting others to do things! We had a couple of great lessons this week and picked up a few new investigators!! I have a feeling that this week is going to be really good and that we are going to accomplish a ton. 

On saturday one of the members of the branch got married and since everyone in the branch is related (not even joking hahaha) the whole branch went to the wedding which means... we got to go to the wedding for dinner!!! It was beautiful, they got married in the columbia river temple and had a ring ceremony at the reception for all those who couldnt go to the temple (since they both have a bunch of non-member family members) so we were able to be there for the ring ceremony and dinner! It was so fun to go to a wedding!!!!! it was funny because hermana mohun and I sat next to the branch president and his family at dinner and we were talking with him and just like a classic branch president, he asked us to speak in church the next day! So we spent our personal study on sunday morning writing talks for church and we both put a lot of work into them and then we get to church and they say oh you're not speaking... hahaha so I have a great talk prepared for the next time they ask because we didnt end up speaking! 

Something I really had a feeling we need to work on in our area is getting the less actives back to church. It is crazy how many less actives there are. So we made a list of all the less actives in our area and things that we wanted to do to help them and then on sunday night we stopped by as many as we could that were in walking distance (because we were trying to save miles haha) and we found people that hermana mohun has never even met and she has been here since march! So along with finding new solid investigators we are going to be working on what we can do to help our less actives become active and things we can do to serve them! I am pumped about this less active work and I definitely know that it was the spirit that has been guiding us to get them back to church. 

I am happy to be a missionary and happy to have this opportunity to learn, grow, and serve the Lord!!
I love you all so much and I am so grateful for all the support you have been giving me and the prayers!!

have a great week! Mosiah 24:13-14

con mucho amor
hermana wortley

Im sorry this is the only picture I have this week and its super awkward because I remembered last night as we were about to go home that I wanted to take a picture to send in the email and so I took an awkward selfie with a giant sunflower... enjoy.

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