Monday, April 20, 2015

I was hugged by a mexican grandpa this week


Ok we had so many miracles this week!! One of the coolest miracles happened on thursday. So we had interviews with President Ware and specialized training thursday morning and the training was all about church tours and how we can use them to help people get excited for church and what not. Anyways the training was super good and everyone was pumped about setting up some church tours for the next week! So we finished up with the meetings and then we went on with our day and we were sitting in ward correlation at about 7 and we get a call from this potential investigator Cesar who we had been trying to meet with for over a month... and he tells us that he is on his way to the church!!!! So we were like ok we will meet you there! haha and so a member comes with us and we met Cesar at the church and had a church tour with him and his two friends! Talk about applying what we learned in our specialized training!! Cesar is so prepared. He was taught back in Royal City (by hermana pulido!) back in the fall and wanted to get baptized but ended up going back to mexico to be with family, but he brought his book of mormon and all the pamphlets and shared them with his family. He told us that he would continue reading and praying and prepare to be baptized. It was such a miracle. Poor hermana marble was freaking out because she had never given a church tour before, it was kind of last minute but as missionaries we've got to learn to go with the flow! haha 

Also we had a miracle with our new investigator Veronica! We had knocked multiple times and weren't able to get in contact with her for a while BUT she answered on saturday and invited us right in for a lesson! She asked a ton of questions about the temple and we were able to teach her all about the restoration and that she would be able to go to the temple after she was baptized! 

So as of this week we are now only attending one ward. We will be focusing on building this new spanish group with the mission ridge ward. I am pretty excited about it because now we have more proselyting time on sundays, and I feel like it is really going to help the work progress here. We have been having such a hard time figuring out who should go to which ward and the boundaries were kind of non-existent but now we can just focus on strengthening this spanish group!! 

Ok funny story.. at least I think its funny! We were walking down the street the other day and we see this guy walking towards us, so naturally we say hi and start a conversation.. but when we said hi he looks at my name tag and says "WORTLEY! What's it been like 3 years??"  hahahahahaha I was so confused because I had never met this guy before! I just said I have actually only been in this area for about 4 months, and he was like wow time is really a weird thing. And then he just walked away!! Oh geeze it was so funny.. I am laughing just thinking about it! 

We passed Jaime to the english elders this week. It was really hard, but we weren't consistently teaching his family (who only speak spanish) and Jaime prefers english so we felt it would be best to have the elders teach him! It is interesting how we grow to love those we teach, I felt like Jaime was my child haha but I know that he will continue progressing and growing in the gospel even if it's not us helping him along the way. Thats where the eternal perspective come in.

Training is still going well! I am truly humbling myself. I am grateful for a loving Savior who loves us in our weaknesses!! I hope you all have a great week, LOVE YOU MUCHO!!!

con amor 
hermana wortley

This is Alice. You see that little bear.. his name is wortley :)

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