Monday, September 21, 2015


It was an awesome week! Irma got baptized on saturday and she looked SO happy!! We were able to have some great lessons with her this past week and she truly has so much faith. On friday we got a call from her saying that she had a dream and she knows that everything is true. We went over later that day so that she could tell us more about the dream that she had. She said that in her dream, Christ told her that she was in the right path that she was making our Heavenly Father proud by the decision she was making. During her dream she said that she felt so warm as if someone was hugging her and she knew without a doubt that she was doing what the Lord wants. Her baptism was so sweet and huge miracle that her son, and her daughter and son-in-law came to support her!! Ah I can't even explain how amazing she is. She just has so much trust and confidence in the Lord its incredible.
On wednesday we had another huge miracle! We had zone meeting, which was awesome, and then we came home to plan exchanges...meanwhile Yaneth (one of the daughters in the Renteria family(the one with the boyfriend who is a member)) was texting us questions that she had about how she would receive an answer and just really deep questions that were hard to answer over a text so we decided to call her. THE most spirit filled phone call I have ever been a part of. She was so concerned about how her answer would come that she hadn't realized that she had already gotten it. Before she came to the conclusion that she had received her answer though, we felt impressed to ask her to explain to us what the book of mormon is for her. She bore a simple but powerful testimony of what she felt the book of mormon is and afterwards she told us that she wants to get baptized. She is preparing for october 2nd!! The rest of the family is preparing for the 17th. We are so happy for her and it was amazing to be a witness of her receiving her testimony of the book of mormon. My love for the book of mormon increases each day and each opportunity we have to share it. 
On thursday we had the coolest service opportunity!! We usually go to 2nd harvest food bank but this time they called and said that a corn truck had tipped over and they were donating all the corn to them so they needed help throwing corn into the truck! So we went and it was super cool!! There was so much corn and they let us take some so we could give it to some of our members and investigators :)
​It was seriously such a great week! We were able to have some great lessons with the Renteria family and some of the other people that we are teaching as well! We are striving each day to become the missionaries that the Lord needs us to be at this time. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY.
con mucho amor
hermana wortley

​to explain this picture... we were knocking doors and a guy answered the door and I went to shake his hand to introduce myself and he was like oh sorry I was eating and he had food on his hands and I said oh thats ok pound it. and then gave him knuckles hahahahaha hermana garcia was laughing so hard because apparently is was really funny the way I said it and he was kind of a gangster! #classicawkwardme #poundit

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